Fate/Extra’s Caster Route: Caster Might Make You Into A Horrible Person

I have finally completed my final play through of Fate/Extra. Having completed it with Caster I feel like I have closed out the game. While I did not go through every scenario possible in the game I think I saw the optimal amount of possibilities. I would be interested in a few tiny details like using Saber with a female protagonist or taking Archer through Rani’s route but those little details are what YouTube is for. In this final post on Fate/Extra I just wanted to give my thoughts on playing as Caster. I mean how could I not play the game as the cute little fox goddess even if that is dangerously close to furry country.

I will admit I tore through this play through whereas I savored the other two. The third time around I had to put in cheat codes because there was no way I was legitimately grinding through the game a third time. I love Type-Moon but I am not crazy. It was sort of fun playing through the game as a level 99 god. You can actually win several battles are supposed to either come to a draw or have you be outright slaughtered. Winning them never changes to plot but it does get you some bonus dialog as a pat on the back for your accomplishments. That said it was still quite obvious that Caster is the hard mode. That is not to say that she is worthless because at times she is a wrecking crew. The problem is she is really slow to power up and definitely a glass cannon. When you start the game she is definitely the weakest character you can pick. She does not deal much physical damage, she has paper-thin defense, and it takes awhile for her to get the spells she needs to rip things apart. When you have her full complement of spells she is a monster but no matter how high level you get her she is always fragile and cannot absorb too much damage. But her basic spells are a nasty one two punch as they do their standard damage and can stun the opponent if you choose wisely. If you set things up correctly she can tear into even the toughest opponents. I took out Saver in 1 round with a level 99 Caster and Ryougi Shiki without breaking a sweat. She is challenging but rewarding to play.

Caster is a cutie-pie little vixen with a deceptive appearance. She seems like an airhead but she is someone who will just as easily deceive, set up, and then assassinate everyone around her in a way that would make the Count of Monte Cristo slightly uneasy. She is definitely designed to have a mixture of Yamato Nadeshiko loyalty, ditzy charm, and vengeful possessiveness. It does give her an amusing appeal if a bit on the moe wish-fulfillment side of feminine appeal. She is definitely the most openly affectionate and playful Servant as well as the most sexually aggressive.  A bonny boom boom body does not hurt with features on the safe side of anthropometric. She was a refreshing sorbet after the sarcastic Archer. The most surprising part of her past was her connection to Twice H. Pieceman. It was set up in advance but like everything involving Pieceman I wish they had investigated it more. I also wish Caster was in other mediums as well. Her careful Machiavellian plotting combined with her harmless demeanor would make her an interesting character in a title outside of a tournament RPG.

That is it for Fate/Extra. I definitely got my money’s worth in the 3 play throughs I did. I admit that I certainly used the skip dialog button quite a bit in my third time through but Caster’s charm made it worth my time. I now have three max affection Servants to import into Fate/Extra CCC if that ever comes out. I hope that the game did well enough that Aksys Games considers picking up the sequel. I can’t wait to see how your characters transfer over and what rewards you get for playing the previous game. I can never get enough of the Fate universe.


15 thoughts on “Fate/Extra’s Caster Route: Caster Might Make You Into A Horrible Person

  1. Joseph W. (@ClankClankClank) says:

    I received a copy of the LE version of the game for Christmas, and decided on my first playthrough to go through with Caster. I completely agree that she is hard mode.

    I was struggling to get through the first round of the game because of how weak she was. The second and third round weren’t terrible, but guessing wrong ONCE could spell instant death against damn near everything. After the route split, the game once again became stupidly punishing, through the rest of the game. Even over-leveled on a normal playthrough, she could easily get crushed in a single turn by a single wrong guess from full health.

    I’m thinking about going through playthroughs with the scenes you actually skipped. ><

    • reversethieves says:

      Oh yeah. Saber is definitely the best choice for the first play through. She just lets you plow through the game. and build up your move library without too much pain.

      Oh yeah. She will either completely mess up a boss or get taken out in second just by the random luck of the draw with what gets thrown at her.

      Well after the second play through I basically knew where the new dialog would be and where the text I had already read twice was. There was no reason for me to read certain parts I had already read twice yet another time. As for the other choices I could have made to play again I just can’t do them. I have other games I have yet to play/finish so while I loved fate/Extra it is time for me to move on.

      – Hisui

  2. David says:

    Saber is the best! Too bad Caster is too weak but that’s because of her monstrosity you know, like having that damn tail and ugly fox ears so yeah. Fuck caster. I bet she can burn in hell for all i fucking care.

      • David says:


        WOW let that shitty comment cry alone in your freaking face, “well fuck you too caster is just weak fro m the start but when she got enough skills she will be stronger than any servant”.

        LOL kid. No matter how many skills will caster have in this game, it’s obvious that it will be useless if she doesn’t have any MP or if she’s disabled, just to prove that you are delusional and even if a sore loser tries to cheat in this game with caster, her only maxed out yet gayish damage output is only 7000, even with her magic at EX and with Mantra Merciful Sky activated. Well kid, I bet that’s something you really don’t know, hehehe…

        Now kid, behold the mighty Saber in the name of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the strongest playable servant in this game! With only A++ strength, her maximum damage output can already reach at an earthshaking 25000 damage, something that caster will never ever do and since she can already make that high damage with only A++ strength, she is more SP efficient than choosing the new yet weak caster or in the name of the so-called Tamamo-no-mae, the pure ugliness of monstrosity..

        You kids think you’re the only one that’s so cool just because you’re all caster fanatics that will always cheer for caster.. Well, that’s very unfair for other players who opt to choose the much 2 better servants in this game, so all of us should be cool playing this game, get it?


  3. ckretaznman says:

    Hey, there. About those CWCheats stuff. I’m not very sure how to use this in the game. I followed the “press select during the score screen” thing but I can’t seem to find any cheats to enable. The overlay is there, but I can’t find the cheats. Am I supposed to have a text document for it to read?

    • David says:

      Maybe you got the older version of the CWCheat, which does not contain the cheat files for this US version. Try downloading another one that’s updated and contains the cheats for this game.


  4. 6R1MM01R3 says:

    Fuck all the comments above, i would never choose any of the Saber variants, just making great historical/legendary MALE characters into female deviations is horrible. Yeah, the Caster is quite weak considering that Type-Moon haven’t picked TRUE legendary mages/wizards for that servant class, so far. No King Solomon, Merlin, Angus og, Imhotep, Zaratusthra, Orpheus, Aleister Crowley, etc.

  5. David says:


    Caster users really are NOOBS! They play this game with CWCheat just to brag that their famous servant is very strong! They can’t enjoy the game without it! How pathetic…

    LOL, a Caster class belonging servant such as Tamamo will never be stronger than Saber when it comes to battle. Caster has a disadvantage where it renders her shitty skills useless. If she’s caught in that situation, then it’s bye bye to Caster. Her looks and pathetic personality are a lame excuse for her shitty capabilities. You players should realize that Caster is not the strongest like what you think and besides, her first Master in the game was Twice, not the untalkative protagonists of the game itself.

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