REPOST: Shin Christmas Carol Z!

You may be wondering why I am posting a Christmas article in the middle of April. The truth of the matter is that up until last week this was a lost Reverse Thieves post. Back in March of 2010 we changed servers for the blog. All in all it was a rather smooth transition. There were a few hiccups with links and pictures but within a few days most everything was back online with one exception. For some reason, the Shin Christmas Carol Z post was lost in the shuffle and I did not notice it until months later which was long after our original host deleted anything to do with the blog on our first server. As much as I tried, I could not find a back up of this post and so it seemed it was gone for good . . . until just a few days ago. I randomly thought to try Internet Archive and see if it had any traces of the post. And lo and behold this post was resurrected from its untimely demise. So if you have never read this post or you would like to read it again you can now bask in all of its glory.

Last time on Shin Christmas Carol Z, we saw <Main Character> leaving the meeting of his local anime club. While everyone had exchanged gifts, <Main Character> rejected the holiday spirit. There was no way that he would exchange presents with those young upstart anime fans who knew not of the glory of older anime. They were blissfully unaware of the dying of the anime industry and were corrupted by the vast and unyielding fujoshi and moe conspiracy. He had shown up once again to show the glory of superior 80s OAVs to the foolish members of the club but was rejected once again. And so left with no more than a “bah humbug.” <Main Character> returned to his apartment lamenting how corrupt fandom had become. But before he could rewatch Root Search a stranger suddenly appeared in the room. Who could it be? We shall find out in this episode of Shin Christmas Carol Z!

<Main Character> leaps to his feet in surprise but just before he can scream out, the armor-clad stranger steps out of the darkness. <Main Character> drops to his knees in equal parts shock and reverie as he stares into the face of none other than that Most Dangerous Soldier, Geist.

The legendary spokesmecha roared like a chained beast, “<Main Character> do you not see these copies of Wild Cardz chained to my armor? Look upon my curse and bear witness to the visage of true suffering. Know that these are chains I forged whilst I was still alive by the many sins I committed by closing off my heart and turning my back on humanity. And for coming back and making MD Geist 2 and 3.”

“MD Geist 3? Why have I never seen MD Geist 3, my lord?” <Main Character> questioned with hope in his heart.

“For MD Geist 3 was so horrible the cells imploded in on themselves before they could be animated. But enough of anime trivia! You are destined for the same fate as I unless you amend your ways. Tonight you will be visited by three spirits each of which will show you the true meaning of anime fandom. Heed their words of advice and change your ways lest it be too late. This may well be your last chance before you too suffer my fate.”

And with that the demonic shadows of Death Force machines dragged Geist back to the horrific underworld from which he came. Of course Geist was too manly to make any sound while it happened.

As <Main Character> stared at the murky darkness where the Most Dangerous Solider had been, he felt the utter stillness of the room permeate his very being.

“Bah humbug!” he shouted to the silence. “Surely what I saw was no more than a troubled vision brought on by a mixture of too much Pocky and Ramune before bed. I am sure that a good night’s rest will clear my head before the morning.” And so <Main Character> slipped into his Crystal Triangle pajamas and tried to drift off to sleep.

But as the clock struck midnight <Main Character> was startled to be staring up directly at the night sky for the roof of his apartment had been ripped off. Looking down upon him was a ghostly apparition piloting an equally ectoplasmic Tranzor Z. “I’m Tommy Davis, the spirit of a boy just like you! I’m going to rocket punch the true burning spirit of anime fandom into your heart!” And before <Main Character> could get in a word of protest, Tranzor Z picked up his bed and rocketed into the night sky.

When Tranzor Z finally stopped, he was hovering in front of an all too familiar scene. It was <Main Character>’s childhood home. Through the window he saw a younger version of himself watching Robotech on the TV as Rick Hunter mourned the death of Roy Fokker.

“Spirit, I have two questions for you. Why did you bring me here to this time? Also why does no one notice the deafening roar of several hundred tons of metal hovering in the air?”

“You are here to see what you were like before your heart froze towards your fellow anime fans!” Tommy screamed as if he could not speak in anything else but a dull roar. “Look at you running to the other room to draw some manly fan-art of Roy Fokker’s death! There was a time where all animation brought a smile to your face! The next day you would run to school as if being chased by Count Decapito himself to tell all your friends about this episode! What happened to that youthful enthusiasm? What happened to that camaraderie with your fellow fans? Think about that as I take you back! GRAB A HOLD OF YOUR LOVE OF FANDOM WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS!”

As soon as Tommy shouted those words, the heavens themselves shook and <Main Character> found himself back in his bed albeit with one less roof over his head. In a mixture of shock and horror he stared up at the night sky and promptly decided that this was nothing more than a horrible nightmare. He would bundle himself up, go back to sleep, and call his landlord in the morning.

As he turned to the clock, he saw not but the long, flowing hair of a lithe, tall man in a butler uniform standing over him. Without a sound this latest apparition lifted his swords high in the air and brought it down swiftly slicing <Main Character>’s SDF-1 Macross shaped bed in three pieces. <Main Character> leapt up only a moment before but found himself with large gashes in his PJs. The stranger smiled slyly…

Next time on Shin Christmas Carol Z, Who is this dangerous butler that has found his way into the room of <Main Character>?! What visions will he show him of modern anime fandom?! Will <Main Character> be able to keep his mouth shut and his limbs in tact?! Not to mention what will happen to all his memorabilia?! And who is this strange 10-year-old shinigami?! And why must she end all her sentences with the ominous phrase “nano desu”?! Find out next time on Shin Christmas Carol Z!?


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