The Society for the Study of Modern Holy Grail Wars

hisuiconRainbowsphere recently posted the picture above for Carl who in turn tweeted in to me. But the picture in question sparked my creative engine. If Chika Ogiue is Saber then who would the rest of the cast of Genshiken be in Fate/Stay Night. Here is the result of my pondering. As with any of these casting games there is sure to be alternative choices. Feel free to post you opinion below.


Chika Ogiue is Saber

The one who started it all. Ogiue is the right body type and well as being about as stubborn as the King of Knights.


Kanji Sasahara is Shirou Emiya

If Ogiue is Saber then it only makes sense that Sasahara would be Shirou. They also both possess the attitude of the easy going main character.


Saki Kasukabe is Rin Tohsaka

A nice set of legs is vital for a proper Tohsaka. Also Saki has the right brash no nonsense attitude with a hidden mischievousness to effectively take the Rin spot.


Makoto Kousaka is Gilgamesh

While the personalities are night and day Kousaka is the only person who has the blond pretty boy good looks to properly portray the King of Heroes.


Harunobu Madarame is Archer

You need a bitterly sarcastic tongue if you are going to portray the pessimistic Counter Guardian.


Souichiro Tanaka is Lancer

They are both the most laid back of their groups but they can also be quick to anger if you press the right buttons.


Kanako Ohno is Rider

You need long hair and the proper *ahem* assets to do a good Rider. Plus they are both quiet characters that have a hint of dangerous sexiness. (Although Ohno’s dangerousness is far far less deadly.)


Manabu Kuchiki is Shinji Matou

Shinji is an annoying little troll that everyone wishes would die in a properly painful fire. Kuchiki gives off that same warm feeling.


Mitsunori Kugayama is Assassin

Both of them are firmly in the category of important enough to avoid being thrown in the minor character listing but not important enough to ever be anything other than a secondary character.


Susanna Hopkins is Illyasviel von Einzbern

Small, cute, devious, and perhaps a little bit crazy sums them both up nicely.


Angela Burton is Sakura Matou

If Rin’s charm point is her legs then Sakura’s is her chest. Plus I would feel awful if I has someone for everyone else in the main cast and overlooked Sakura. She gets disrespected enough as it is. Angela also has the right mixture of demure and sexually aggressive.


Original Club President is Kirei Kotomine

There is just a palpable layer of discomfort whenever you are around either them. Rejoice members of the Genshiken.


Keiko Sasahara is Caster

Both of them are little schemers but neither of them are very good at it. I also assume there are about as many Keiko as there are Caster fans.


Haraguchi is Zouken Matou

It was a fierce competition but Zouken wins the ignoble competition to be the most reprehensible character in Fate/Stay Night. Haraguchi does the same with far fewer opponents in Genshiken.

4 thoughts on “The Society for the Study of Modern Holy Grail Wars

  1. omo says:

    I’m inclined to swap Kousaka and Madarame, just because that seems more in line with their parody selves. I agree pretty much with everything else.

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