The Speakeasy #031: Stars and Stripes, American Cartoon Invasion!

Drink #031: Stars and Stripes,
American Cartoon Invasion!

While this is an anime and manga blog/podcast, from time to time we indulge in talking about our other pursuits like comics and video games. This month we are look at American cartoons.

There was a time back in the primordial past known as the 80s when there was a growing number of kids who rejected the idea that animation had to be for kids. There were these Japanese cartoons called anime that were edgy and hip. Jump ahead to the 2000s and two things have occured. We finally started getting enough anime that we realized in actuality while there were some cartoons from Japan that were for adults, a majority of the were for kids. And at the same time American animation stepped up its game. They generally came to the understanding that they could make cartoons a little smarter and mature and the universe would not collapse in on itself.

Cut ahead again to 2012. We look at some of the best cartoons that have come out in the last year and why we love them. Some are remakes, some are reimaginings, some are sequels, and some are even cool new originals ideas. But they all say that there is animation for children of all ages in the U.S. And maybe you should check some of it out.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:


Layer this drink in a chilled shot glass. Using a cold spoon, carefully pour the ingredients over the back of the spoon into the shot glass. Garnish with a piece of star fruit.


6 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #031: Stars and Stripes, American Cartoon Invasion!

  1. Ed Sizemore says:

    Young Justice- Booooooo!
    Beta Ray Bill- Aw, Yeah!

    Uh, Green Lantern? Nothing? I admit the CG is a little clunky, but man the writing is superb. It’s a must see.

    MLP= American moe. There the dirty little secret is out.

    I liked the new Thundercats. Really wish they had given it a 2nd season. I think they needed to give fans more time to adjust to the new direction they were taking the characters.

    Clones Wars gets better with each season. Around season 3 they get into the politics a lot more. Also, begin to really ask questions about how the Republic views and values clones. What’s amazing about that series is the body count. A lot of clones die, a lot.

    ***Spoilers***My problem with Korra is the 15 minute epilogue that neatly ties up all the loose ends in a pretty, shiny bow. It almost ruined the series for me. It short changes a whole character development arc. Get depressed, get instant spiritual enlightment. Aaargh! The first 1/2 of the 2nd season should have been Korra being just an air bender and finally beginning her spiritual development. Even Ang was without his avatar powers longer than Korra. As it stands, it feels like they didn’t know they were getting a second season and so wanted to wrap it all up. Disappointing. But I’m onboard for the second season. I hope they have a little more confidence.

    What are your thoughts on Tron now that we have 5 or 6 episodes? Also, Gravity Falls?

    • reversethieves says:

      I think we pretty much agree on Korra.

      I have only seen one episode of the Green Lantern CG series and I wasn’t very impressed by it. The CG didn’t bother me but I felt the relationships between characters didn’t gel, at least not in that episode. I also admit to not really caring much about the GL universe so.

      I haven’t seen any Tron as yet. And Gravity Falls, I’ve still only seen one episode. I liked it but I can’t say much about it yet.


  2. vichussmith says:

    Ed Sizemore loves to stir it up, don’t he. Young Justice rocks, especially the current season.

    I was shocked at the allegiance of HATE for the Teen Titans cartoon. Reminds me of a recent episode of Black Dynamite when, SPOILERS the Klan and Black Panthers got together to stop interracial porn. That’s the worst tangent I’ve ever gone on.

    Yeah, so comics fans hated the show because it wasn’t American enough, and Anime fans hated it because it was biting the style of Japanese cartoons. What happened to liking shows because they’re of good quality?

  3. Yoshiko216 says:

    I really wish Thundercats would get a new season. Sure, the show was not perfect, but it was fun to watch every week.

    As for Korra, I understand why some people were upset with the ending. Personally, I thought it would have been more interesting if Korra did not get the rest of her bending back. However, I understand why the show creators had to end the seasons in such a way. Originally, Korra was only suppose to be six episodes long and no new seasons. I think the creators just took the plot of those six episodes and placed it into the first season. Thus, that is why the ending of Korra seemed to be too “picture perfect”.

    • vichussmith says:

      I think the fate of 2 characters was absolutely unconfirmed (although it felt final), so I don’t see why 1 or both of them couldn’t appear in the next season. I mean, what would be up next for Korra in the next season? Her conflict this season was very good, and that’ll be hard to top.

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