Hisui Dream Diary #3

I don’t regularly remember my dreams or keep any sort of dream journal but I have learned the trick to remembering your dreams is to repeat what happens in the dream to yourself out loud as soon as you wake up. It commits the dream to a longer term part of memory. And so I do not know how often I will be able to write posts like this but I consider this part one of an irregularly updated ongoing series. It is all dependent on when I remember dreams that are worth talking about on the blog.

Just because I documented the greatest dream that will ever be does not mean that the Hisui Dream Diary segment has to come to an end. If nothing else the hits on the blog show that the dream I recently had is far more of a universal dream than anything else that has been documented in this segment before.

The dream starts in a fairly generic panel room in an unspecified convention. I can’t remember who the panelist but it might have been Charles Dunbar.  I do remember that the audience was filled with a whose who of anime and manga bloggers, podcasters, and news people. I know that Kate and Caleb were on either side of me and we were all in the front row. Overall everyone seemed to be fairly interested in the topic being discussed even if I cannot remember what that topic is. But all of that matters little because someone in the audience decides that there is something much more important to tell everyone.

In the middle of the panel someone with a laptop just stands up and tells everyone that they might have discovered the most important news of the year on 2chan. So I ask (for some reason I am oddly assertive in this dream) what could be so important that they have to interrupt this panel like a jackass. They reply that if the rumor they found is true then it is worth the scene they just caused. He just asks that everyone wait a second so he can verify the claim. Apparently the person giving the panel is so fascinated by what could cause such an outburst that he decides to wait and see what they have to say.

Then everyone sits around awkwardly talking among themselves. Essentially because of all the theatrics the panel is effectively finished. But I am oddly the only person who seems upset with that fact.

Then the man with the laptop has a eureka moment and asks everyone to gather around his laptop. The screen is filled with the homepage for the second season of Berserk by Studio 4°C that is to come out after the movies are finished. They have a picture of Guts and his party that he gathers after the Eclipse. So that means everyone like Puck, Serpico, and Schierke are there. I remember that everyone is drawn in a style very reminiscent of the new Jojo’s anime. I assume that the Jojo’s anime is enough on my mind that it was pretty much the only style I could use mentally.

Everyone starts to cheer and any hard feelings over what transpired quickly vanishes. Conversation then breaks into people who are super excited, people who think that the series is not going to live up the manga, and people pretending that it is not that big a deal. So pretty much what would actually happen in real life. And then the dreams ends.

Man oh man. I am fairly certain that I am not the only person who has ever had that dream. But it would be very cool if my dream were less of an idle whimsy and more of a prophecy. We shall see what happens when the third movie comes out in Japan later this year.

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