Please Use a Spine Template

As readers, I’m sure many of you, like me, treasure the books and feel a lot of satisfaction collecting and displaying them. And that is why I find the above infinitely frustrating. Doesn’t most everyone display their books spine out on their shelves? It is what we see most often after we take a book home. Even in most stores, only a select few books are face out to the consumer. The spine is a display piece in my collection and yet it often seems neglected. Book lovers weep!

When looking at the above spines, there doesn’t seem to be any good reason behind the changes. All of these books came out within the last two years.

Looking at the first Avatar the Last Airbender book, the Dark Horse logo appears at the top. The next two move it to the bottom and it looks consistent but then the rest of the spine is a mess neither matching each other or the first book. Card Captor Sakura they almost got right but botched the logo placement. I find it a real shame with the Sakura ones since they are beautiful omnibus collections.

Comparing them to each other also offers no conclusions to why they don’t match. The first CCS omnibus is the oldest book and it houses the logo at the bottom. Next oldest is The Lost Adventures collection of Avatar which switched the logo to the top. But then the logo is flipped back to the top for the second CCS and then back to the bottom for volumes of The Promise. I do not yet have the third volumes for these titles to see any more changes.

I beg of you Dark Horse, please use a template for your spines. Or at the very least, take a look at the previous volumes’ spines before sending it to print. Even if Dark Horse employs freelancers for this kind of work, there is no reason consistency should be impossible.

I don’t lay all the blame on Dark Horse, there are plenty of books over the years that have annoyed me with this particular problem, but two recent titles I’ve picked up from them fueled me write this post so I’m shaking my finger at them!

What are you thinking?

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