All Points Bulletin: Vinylmation – The Next Generation

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Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Vinylmation Debuting New Look
    I have not been a huge fan of Disney’ Vinylmation line of toys with the exception of their robot sets. But now they are bringing out new molds that will definitely entice me and are of course true to each character they create. No surprise these will be a bit more expensive than other sets and maybe that will save me from going crazy.
  • Ask Chris VS. His 14-year-old Self
    Chris made a mistake everyone and now he must go back and read this terrible comic that he once touted as great. This Captain America comic is truly bad but it goes so far as to be totally hilarious.
  • My Childhood Was a Lie
    Blowing on your Nintendo cartridges was harmful? Heck, I still blew on Gameboy Advance cartridges. And I’m pretty sure I’ve done that to clear the DS, too. OH WELL.

This was too cool not to share:

2 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin: Vinylmation – The Next Generation

  1. Adam Wednesdays says:

    “Powerman 5000 is not involved in this mash-up video”

    Every day, I say a silent “thank you” to all the things in the world that Powerman 5000 is not involved in.

    As for the moment of Zen link: I’m a little disappointed that the soprano’s high-note arpeggios didn’t morph into wild-eyed, maniacal “imma stab you in the face” laughter.

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