Uta no Detective-sama – Post Love 1000%

AllWriting so much, seems like we will run out of bandwidth, 1000 Post Love! Hey!!

10!(Conan EdogawaAre You Ready?)
9!(Chizuko MikamoAre You Ready?)
8!(Sherlock HoundAre You Ready?)
7! 6!
5!(LAre You Ready?)
4!(Aru AkiseAre You Ready?)
3!(Victorique de BloisAre You Ready?)
2! 1!

AllCome on, Let’s blog!!
Let’s write about anime! (Let’s publish!)
Let’s podcast on the internet! (Let’s RSS!)
Let’s make our twitter feed burst forth!
The map to the next season! (Yes yes!) Let’s watch it together!
This revolution (We are)
Let’s go! (Reverse Thieves)
Love will change the otaku!
Check it out!!

Conan EdogawaA bravely beating fandom
LUh baby, an aggressive forum post impulse
L×Conan EdogawaWhich do you choose, my detective?
AllIt’s enough to make my head spin! 1000 Post Love!

Aru AkiseWhy is it?
Chizuko MikamoI am
Aru Akiseoverflowing with your comments!
Chizuko MikamoMy heart
Aru Akiseis favorited!
Chizuko Mikamo×Aru AkiseA marvelous flame war!

Sherlock HoundJust the two of us,
Victorique de Bloislet’s make up a blogging duo like nobody’s ever seen!
Sherlock HoundMore amazing
Victorique de Bloisthan a Soul Of Chogokin,
Sherlock Hound×Victorique de Bloislet’s create a manga magazine out of song!

AllCome on, Let’s review!!
Let’s review the newest shojo anime! (Let’s shout!)
Let’s review AnimeNext! (Let’s go!)
Too much Type-Moon is just fine!
You ready?
A one-time (Yes yes!) special OVA!
This isn’t (We are)
in any Mechademia! (Reverse Thieves)
Love will change the otaku!
Check it out!!

For tonight, it’s just to two of us! 1000 Post Love!

LLike with the Eight Colored Clans of Saiunkoku,
Conan EdogawaUh Watson, it’s yours alone,
a brand new Ongoing Investigation!
L×Conan EdogawaWe’ve found the “clues”!
AllThat’s why we want to Tumblr it up! 1000 Post Love!

Chizuko MikamoIt’s so strong,
Aru Akisethis OST is
Chizuko Mikamoplaying in our minds.
Aru Akise
Believe heart
Chizuko Mikamoand then
Chizuko Mikamo×Aru AkiseBlog it! Post!

Victorique de BloisFull throttle netiquette
Sherlock Houndsurpassing Nagi Sanzenin!
Victorique de BloisShining more
Sherlock Houndthan a GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam,
Sherlock Hound×Victorique de Bloislet’s kick it up another notch!

AllCome on, Let’s peace & love!!
Let’s make our doujinshi soar! (Let’s ship!)
Let’s go to Comiket! (Let’s go!)
Hey, isn’t this the best time to go on a trip to Japan?
Even if we get trolled (Yes yes!) millions of times,
This anime passion (We are)
will never be crushed! (Reverse Thieves)
Love will change the otaku!

AllEven now, I want to play the new Super Robot Wars game!
Because I seriously want to play it with you!

AllCome on, Let’s Post!!
Let’s review the new seinen series! (Let’s shout!)
Let’s review Otakon! (Let’s go!)
Let’s make our podcast burst forth!
The map of the next 5 years! (Yes yes!) Let’s read it together!
This revolution (We are)
Let’s go! (Reverse Thieves)
Love will change the blogosphere!
Check it out!!

For tonight, it’s just to two of us! 1000 Post Love!

On Friday, November 9th 2012 we completed our 1000th post on the blog. That is an insane amount of posts. The sheer weight of 1000 of anything deserves some sort of recognition, so 1000 blog posts is certainly no exception.

If anyone remembers the ancient days when we did Gamestation Radio that only lasted eleven episodes. So in a way while I have always hoped that Reverse Thieves would last this long I never really expected it to. But Narutaki and I have a good synergy that I think keeps me motivated. I’m not sure if the reverse is true but I know the only reason I have been able keep this blog going as long as it has is because she has inspired me and supported me during the hard times and made the good times rewarding enough that each post always feels like an accomplishment even if we are the only two people who care. My love for the medium has never been an obstacle. It is just that my generally defeatist attitude tends to sink most of my solo projects. So I make no small claim that befriending Narutaki might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

In the time we have been around, I have seen dozens of blog, podcasts and websites rise and fall. Even some of the best who have not died out have considerably slowed down. So the fact that we have kept up this level of energy has always made me proud.

I have always felt the Reverse Thieves blog has an odd little niche. We have never “made the big time.” At most I think we could claim to be a small but decently respected blog.  At the same time I think we have a general reputation for quality and even handedness that I would never trade for more popularity. Plus we have always had the freedom to do what ever we wanted on the blog and that is certainly a major plus. The blog has always has a wonderful mixture professionalism and whimsy that I don’t think I would find anywhere else.

But the largest revelation is how much blogging has become part of my life. Like brushing my teeth or checking my email it is almost something I do every day unless extreme circumstances prevent me form doing otherwise. There are some days that force me not to be able to work on the blog but they always seem a bit off. Blogging is rarely an unpleasant task. I will admit some posts have been a real slog to write. But any fun hobby has times like that. What matters the most is the feeling of accomplishment at the any of completing any post. As long as that feeling is a strong as it is currently I don’t see any end this blog in sight.

So as long as Type-Moon keeps making games and there is detective anime and manga I think you can expect to see the 2000th post from Reverse Thieves sometime in the future.

I’m not much for ceremony, but some milestones do warrant reflection.

It would be hard to say after 1000 posts and somewhere near 1 million words that I’ve become less of a fan in the process. Because despite the enormity (at least in in my eyes) of those numbers, I feel we’ve never fallen into that quandary of spending more time writing about our hobbies than actually experiencing them.

I’m not totally sure whether all this writing has changed the way I interact with my hobbies or not. I do feel like it has given me a really good idea about what makes me tick when it comes to it all. I’m surely less tolerant of certain things and prone to making quicker decisions when it comes to giving a series a shot or not, but there are still pleasant surprises and I don’t feel pessimistic when new series start flowing into my queue.

Some weeks it is still hard to pull the words from my hands, but in general it has become easier to sit down to a blank page and fill it with my thoughts. And when it is a task, I put it off by just talking to Hisui which usually gets my mind working again and inspires me to write anew. Blogging really has become such a natural part of my life that I can easily see celebrating our 2000th post some day down the line!


2 thoughts on “Uta no Detective-sama – Post Love 1000%

  1. Justin says:


    1) To the first part, I’m going to assume this has nothing to do with Uta No Prince Sama. Just for sanity’s sake (I think)

    2) Congrats on getting to 1000 posts. I sure hope you both do keep blogging. I like what you two put out…sometimes :D

    • reversethieves says:

      1. It is based on Maji Love 1000% in the same way that Forbidden Planet is based on the Tempest.

      2. I have long since realized that 80% of what we do only interests Narutaki and I. And then only like 70& of the time does it even interest both of us (see anytime I talk about Saber). Therefore I would be very surprised if anyone liked everything we wrote. I like to pretend that is one of the blog’s charm points.

      – Hisui

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