Top 7 Type-Moon Moments for 2012

The first day of a new year is always a good time for quiet introspection and reflection. We can count our blessings as we make new goals and reaffirm out commitment to our current projects. It is also a wonderful time to think back on what was totally metal! For me that means looking back on the coolest things that happened with Type-Moon. Overall it was a pretty banner year for the company. Several things were delayed as is their SOP but funnily enough several major titles came out as well. Hopefully we will even see more quality output in 2013 (and maybe a few less missed deadlines).

This is hardly the definitive list of the coolest things that happened with Type-Moon this year. But it is a list of the things that meant the most to me.

7. Naked Gilgamesh and Other Minor Events: The End of Fate/Zero

The Garden of Sinners movies proved that Ufotable knew how to do Type-Moon right when they were given an OVA style schedule. But the Fate/Zero TV series showed they could pull off a 25 episode TV series and make it look spectacular while brilliantly adapting a Type-Moon story unlike other TV series that shall remain nameless. Now everyone wants them to do re-do Fate/Stay Night or maybe even work on a Tsukihime anime with the remake of the visual novel on the horizon.

There are a good deal of things to talk about with the ending of Fate/Zero. The epic last battle of Rider who goes out like a champion, the kinetic death match between Kiritsugu and Kotomine in the parking garage, or the heartbreaking fate of Saber with its hint of hope are all worth talking about as defining moments of the show.

But most people will remember naked Gilgamesh more than anything else. Narutaki approves of this phenomenon.

6. It’s Raining Men: The Miracle of Male Figures

If you ever wanted the Queen of Zettai Ryouiki or a Busty Blonde Vampire in PVC form you never had too much trouble getting a figure of them. In fact unless you loved some extremely obscure character or that poor Guinness Girl then getting any female character from Type-Moon was never that hard. But if you loved Lancer or Arihiko Inui much like Avalon getting larger figure of them was only a dream you could see in the The Everdistant Utopia. They had one or two nice Archer figures but they were more the exception that proved the rule.

But with the increased of women in Type-Moon fandom alongside an overall increase in male anime figures has led to the actual time when of the men of the Nasuverse finally get their due. The number of men getting figures from Fate/Zero  alone is sort of remarkable. Overall this is a wonderful boon for both sexes and I hope to see more of it in general.

But let us be serious. As much as my sister might want one I can’t see us getting an Arihiko Inui figure anytime soon. But it is far more likely than it might have ever seemed in the past. So cross you fingers for that Zelretch the Wizard Marshall figure in 2015.

5. Portable Saber: The Amazing Additions to Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua for the PlayStation Vita

Ports can be simple affairs that do little more than keep a popular title in circulation. But every once in awhile a port will add enough new material to truly make them stand out and worth double dipping for. The new version of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua for the PlayStation Vita certainly makes a good case why you would want to buy it even after buying an earlier version. Not only does it have an improved version of the Trouble Hanafuda game it has an entirely new opening sequence for each of the three paths in the game.

If people were clamoring for ufotable to make more Type-Moon related anime then the openings to the new Fate/Stay Night make in a necessity. When you see the new openings for Saber, Rin, and Sakura the animation makes it intensely clear how amazing a remake of the Fate/Stay Night anime could be. If nothing else a Heaven’s Feel anime would feel right considering how much they seem to be wanting to push Sakura recently. But if they want to make a Unlimited Blade Works TV series that leads up to the good ending I would hardly turn that down. Or maybe it is time for someone to place Fate/Hollow Ataraxia in the forefront. (the maybe I can finally get a nice Bazett figure.)

4. I Have Great Friends: My Very Own Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier PVC

There are oh so many Saber figures and that is a phenomenon I greatly enjoy. But without a doubt the only Saber figure to claim the title of King of Knights is the marvelously detailed Saber Motored Cuirassier figure from Goodsmile. I would go as far as to say it is the crown jewel of my Saber collection and that is nothing to scoff at.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who chipped in to buy that for me. It meant a lot to me. In many ways it makes the figure even more valuable to me.

But it is also valuable to me because it is Saber on a motorcycle in a suit. That that is just damn sexy.

3. The Rise of Aoko Aozaki: The Release of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

Speaking on damn sexy we cannot forget Aoko Aozaki. In many ways she is the original Type-Moon heroine even if she has only the main heroine in an easily assessable form just recently. Most of the fandom was intrigued by her guests spots or mentions in Tsukihime, Melty Blood, and Kara no Kyokai but we now finally get to see the Magic Gunner Miss Blue in her full glory. As a fan of Aoko from Tsukihime onward this is quite a thrill. She has a great indomitable spirit that works so well for a heroine so it is about time she got her chance to shine in the spotlight.

Sadly we have not gotten a translation in English yet but there has been some good progress so far. I myself can’t wait to see the sexy sensei in action but I also want to learn about Soujuurou Shizuki and Alice Kuonji as well. If nothing else the wait will make waiting for the next two games in the series a little easier.

2. A True Carnival Phantasm: Type-Moon Fes. in General

There were so many truly fantastic events and announcements at the 10th anniversary Type-Moon Festival this year. They had stage shows, exhibitions, and all sort of amazing sneak peaks and exclusives. It was truly the way celebrate such a monumental milestone for the company.

I wish I could have went to such an event but sadly it was just not in the cards. Thankfully there is a Blu-ray of the event on the way and I can’t wait to see it.

1. The Curry Princess Claims Her Throne: People MIGHT Actually Like the New Ciel

Despite all the complaining about Arcueid’s radical redesign and the weird accusation that they made Akiha a moe character (which is like complaining that they redesigned Mikuru Asahina into a moe character) people generally seemed unphased by Ciel’s update. In fact they ALMOST seemed to like her now.

This sounds like crazy talk but weird things could happen. People might play the Tsukihime remake and not just blaze though the Church Wench’s path. They might actually start treating her like a beloved cast member and not that evil roadblock that stopped a Sacchin route. She might actually have fans and a place on popularity polls.

But then again Kohaku is still out there and you never know what she is up to.


4 thoughts on “Top 7 Type-Moon Moments for 2012

  1. hoshiko says:

    I, for one, is grateful that the amount of male figures is increasing each year and are made by reputable manufacturers. Oh, and I’d love to have that Saber figure on my shelf right now…

    • reversethieves says:

      That Saber is sort of amazing. She is worth every penny.

      But I would like to see this trend continue. More male figures really benefits both sexes in the end. And some male figures are just so cool that it is a crime why are not given some PVC love.

      – Hisui

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