Double-Barreled Hisui Podcasts

Since I recently made guest appearances on two podcasts, I figured I would combine them into one post.

First of all, I finished up talking to Patz about Martian Successor Nadesico on the Cockpit podcast. In Part B, we talk about a lot of the material that came after the TV series including the Gekiganger III OVA, the games, and the somewhat infamous Prince of Darkness movie. It is quite a heaven and hell punch as some of the additional material is wonderful and other just leaves you greatly disappointed. Listen to find out what we love and what left us cold.

I also make a brief cameo on the last episode of the Ninja Consultant podcast were a few members of the NYCC crew throw in their comments on the convention. Dave Cabrera, Patz, my roommate, and I give our highs and lows of the convention as we are winding down on the third day.

The Cockpit – Episode 2B – Lets Go Passion


Show #108 – NYCC 2012 Convention Coverage


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