All Points Bulletin: Vikings from Uruguay

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Hisui’s picks:

Narutaki’s picks:

  • Educate Yourself About ParaNorman
    The makers at Focus Features have released this free, online making of to help with ParaNorman’s Oscar nomination. I’m pullinh for it as the winner this year!
  • Sherlock and Watson Figures
    These sulpts look really nice. I’m not too familiar with Big Chief Studios but I’m hoping the price point won’t be too high.
  • Sorcerer Tips
    I talked about the new interactive card game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World a couple of months ago, here are some tips from the makers themselves. It definitely confirms the replay-ability of the game. I’ll be sure play more on my next trip.
  • Anina from Uruguay
    One of the animated films I’m most curious about in 2013 is from South America. It is playing at the Berlin Film Festival and I’m hoping it shows up at the New York International Children’s Film Festival next year.


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