REPOST – The Speakeasy #008: The Joker, Making Sense of Humor

Drink #008: The Joker,
Making Sense of Humor

We are talking about comedy this month. We are not talking about the Shakespearean comedy, the Divine Comedy, or the Studio 4C short film but comedy as it relates to anime. So often anime comedy strikes viewers as quite different than the comedy they are used to but why is the question. What about the aesthetic makes it so different from the comedy we know? What makes it so different from the comedy you see on Japanese dramas as well? We will also examine the different styles of humor you see in anime. Plus the most important question: Why do people think K-ON! is funny?

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

The Joker

2 shots vodka
2 shots cointreau
2 shots advocaat
6 parts orange soda
Top up with lemonade

Mix together with lots of ice and stir.


What are you thinking?

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