New York Comic Con 2013: Podcasts

Normally with con coverage we start with our tweets from over the weekend. But with the sheer amount of human beings in the Jacob K. Javits Center it was hard for either of us to tweet with any regularity. Since New York Comic Con ends a bit earlier than your average anime convention, we decided to try recording some podcasts everyday after the convention. Each day Patz from The Cockpit podcast, and a mysterious person better known Alain’s roommate, joined us to talk about the day’s events.

These are distinctly a bit raw and unedited but they are also totally fresh off the convention floor feelings that will hopefully give you a bit of different perspective on the convention.

(Sorry these are only available on YouTube. Our Libsyn is all filled up with S.W.A.T. Reviews!)

Friday Crime Scene Investigations

Saturday Crime Scene Investigations

Sunday Crime Scene Investigations

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