New York Comic Con 2013: Our 7 Favorite Announcements

Anything and Everything Attack on Titan

Unsurprisingly it seems that any and every Attack on Titan title in existence was picked up after the success of the anime. The true Attack on Titan frenzy is not shown with the pick up of the guidebooks, the comedy high school parody manga, the prequel manga, or the Levi spin-off manga that only currently has one chapter. No, the true testament to the phenomenon is that the light novel was licensed. But if there is any company that could make a light novel release work it is Vertical. We’ll see which of these titles succeed, by how much, and how much a rising tide lifts all boats in general.

Also you couldn’t turn around at NYCC without running into at least ten people cosplaying from the series.

The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Licensed

If anyone pays attention to Alain’s Manga of the Month selections they will remember that he selected The Seven Deadly Sins  back in March.  While The Seven Deadly Sins will probably not be the next Attack on Titan, it could be a solid hit like Fairy Tail especially if it gets an anime adaption soon. It is a fun series that cuts to the action by having everyone be capable knights with experience under their belts as opposed to needing them to train and level-up all the time.

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Theatrical Screenings

We have yet to see the Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning movie but that is mostly a recap with some new material. The Rising is all new material and it will thankfully be getting a limited theatrical release here in the U.S.. The fact that The Beginning comes out on DVD/BD in English soon is a nice one-two punch that lets you refresh your memory before going into a new story. Hopefully this will do well enough that we might see more of the series in the future.

My Love Story!! Manga Licensed

This license got buried in the shuffle which is a damn shame! This wacky romance is a collaboration between Kazune Kawahara (High School DebutAozora Yell) and Aruko the creator of Yasuko to Kenji which is downright hilarious. Kate highlighted this series last year in New Shojo Manga of 2012 so we’re looking forward to it!

Black Widow Solo Series

First a Hawkeye solo ongoing series and now a Black Widow one? Lucky! Let’s hope there is a movie about these two in the near future, too.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe Compendium

Not sure why we can’t find this online, but Kate was at the Voltron 30th Anniversary panel and heard it! VIZ had a rep there who announced a compendium/encyclopedia/whathaveyou to celebrate Voltron. They didn’t have any details as they seemed to literally have just got the go ahead over the NYCC weekend.

New York Comic Con Attendance
is the Same as San Diego Comic Con

“I think we had wildly underestimated our fraudulent ticket issue,” Fensterman told tells the website.  “We had the exact same number of ticketed people per day as last year, but if you looked at the common spaces, they were 40 percent less congested. We had a pretty big counterfeit problem.”

So it wasn’t just our imaginations that this year felt less packed in. Though don’t think for a minute it wasn’t bustling.

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