Introducing A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


hisui_icon_4040 Every once in a while we like to try to add new content to the site. I recently got a tablet with the ability to record video and so I was thinking if there was anything I could do for the blog with that. Now that combined with the fact that we recently started a YouTube account and we have reduced the written post schedule I want to do something that would add to the daily content on the site. Thus was spawned A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

The idea of the series is that I attempt to read a chapter of manga every day and then do a five to ten minute video review about what I felt. With Crunchyroll Manga and Weekly Shonen Jump releasing manga chapters online day and date with Japan it seems like the perfect time to start such a series.

I make no promises on releasing a video every day, seven days a week, but that is the plan. Theoretically I should be able to record a few videos whenever I can and then release them once a day.  Kate has already suggested maybe I only do it five days a week. We shall see how well that works.

Also the series I review is hardly set in stone. Hayate the Combat Butler, One Piece, and Yamada-kun and the Seven are fairly certain but other than that I will mainly just talk about whatever strikes my fancy. I am still taking suggestions, as well as looking at what people react well to.

Other than that I will try and post what I have recorded each week on the blog on Fridays so you can just pick what you want to listen to from a convenient list.

A Chapter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Introduction

This week’s selections:

Bleach Ch. 558
Hayate the Combat Butler Ch.430
Hayate the Combat Butler Ch.431
One Piece Ch.729
Seven Deadly Sins Ch.055
Seven Deadly Sins Ch.056
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Ch.087
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Ch.088


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