Postmortem: Galilei Donna

Sometimes our first impressions in S.W.A.T. Reviews aren’t right. This may result in us continuing a show that goes to hell and we later end up dropping it. We figured our listeners might be curious to hear why we just couldn’t stand to continue on with a series. Just like the S.W.A.T. Reviews, these will be five- to ten- minutes long and completely off the cuff. There (hopefully) won’t be too many Postmortems in a season, but you never know.

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2 thoughts on “Postmortem: Galilei Donna

  1. Maize Hughes says:

    Well that was spot on.
    I had dropped it around ep 4, and just last night I skipped ahead to the Kyoto episode. I felt exactly the same way: it was inconsistent in tone from segment to segment. It’s like three different pet projects mushed together. I had the same high hopes for a fun family-goes-on-an-adventure. Maybe in the same vein as Nadia, Secret of Blue Water. But nooooooo, they couldn’t manage that. I was prepared to settle for an interesting family drama about the conflicts between the sisters, with the scifi elements as symbolism. But that seemed clumsily done, and it didn’t seem like that was the focus either. And murderous guy…is he an escapee from a Golgo13 episode?
    I’m tempted to write some fanfic using the same elements. I’m that annoyed at the failure of the director to ‘finish’ this. I do think that is the most likely cause – after the script, designs, and CG elements were mostly done, it was dropped onto a team who didn’t like the concept at all, but were obliged to finish it. It has that end of semester term paper stink on it.

    Anyway, you have a fine podcast, keep up the good work.

  2. thealchmistoftimetime says:

    it just sounds like it the biggest problem is it need more episodes. It has the problem most noitamina anime have it’s too ambitious on what it want’s to do but can’t have time to breathe on other things.Though in my opinion I’m still enjoying Galilei because of roberto being so stone cold but yeah coppelion man that show is so boring I think a less faithful adaptation maybe made the show better.

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