Lighten Your Wallet 2014 Edition: The RightStuf Sale


Every year RightStuf pulls out all the stops in a holiday sale so big it nearly breaks the banks for otaku across the country! We’re giving you our picks that are under $25. We’ve decided to highlight just a fraction of the great deals worth checking out! The sale ends on Christmas Day.

Overlooked Titles

Un-Go BD Complete Collection$24.49

Tsuritama BD Complete Collection$24.49

World of Narue DVD Complete Collection – $10.49

Birdy the Mighty: Decode DVD Complete Series$11.99

Hyakko TV Series DVD Complete Series$17.99

A Short Peace BD – $11.99

Natsuyuki Rendezvous DVD Complete Collection$17.49

Karakuri Odette Graphic Novel Bundle – $19.99

Bamboo Blade DVD Complete Series – $11.99

Taisho Baseball Girls BD Complete Collection$20.99

Maoyu BD Complete Collection$23.99

And Yet The Town Moves DVD Complete Collection$17.49

Essentials According to Us

Eureka Seven BD Part 1$17.99

Princess Tutu DVD Complete Collection$12.99

Black Lagoon DVD/BD Complete Series$21.99

Penguindrum BD Collection 1$24.49

Vinland Saga 1 & 2$9.99 (each)

Mongolian Chop Squad DVD Complete Series$11.99

Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus 1 & 2$9.99 (each)

Patlabor TV Series BD Collection 1$24.49

Alain’s Obligatory Type-Moon Picks

Fate/Stay Night BD Collection 1 – $16.99

Fate/Stay Night BD Collection 2 – $16.99

Canaan BD Complete Collection – $24.49

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works BD – $13.99

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