Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works #025 – All Good Things…

hisui_icon_4040 It is time to bid farewell to Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. In many ways it almost feels like this is the animators saying goodbye as well as the audience. With Fate/Zero the pieces on the board have to be in a very specific state for the game to resume in Fate/Stay Night therefore you don’t have that much room to maneuver in. Here other than Fate/hollow ataraxia, which has a very deliberately fuzzy timeline, you really only have to hit a few key points to wrap things up. Everything past that is in the interpenetration of the last few pages of the visual novel. If episode 24 was almost religiously devoted to reproducing the climax of Unlimited Blade Works then the epilogue seems the most devoted to Ufotable wanting to leave their mark on how they want to be remembered as storytellers telling a narrative that is not of their inception but one they have made their own.

The Holy Grail War is over and the survivors are left to put their lives together with what they have left. Shiro and Rin move to England to study magic but in the back of both of their minds is the legacy of Archer and Saber. Has anything really changed or is time merely become a destined loop?

I just wanted to point out this screen cap if for nothing else the nice array of various bladed weapons from all over the world. It seems like in the fight between Shiro and Archer and the Shiro and Gilgamesh showdown we either saw generic long swords or just Kanshou and Bakuya with a few notable exceptions. In the end this was mostly because animating long fight scenes with each sword having a unique profile is a grand idea in theory but much harder to pull off when your trying to look good on a weekly production schedule. I would like to imagine that the swords flying back and forth in those battles look a little more like the display we see here.

It is interesting to see Rin without her trademark twin tails or zettai ryouiki. Rin and Shiro are a bit taller and more mature looking but nothing marks the passage of time more than Rin appearance and more mature form of dress. It shows that Rin has entered her college years and more importantly is firmly on the path towards being a full adult. She may still engage in some amount of childish frivolity like her rivalry with Luvia but overall the 5th Holy Grail War is where she become a proper woman. The Rin we see studying at the Clock Tower is the logical maturation of the woman who we see forged in the flames of war.

Luviagelita Edelfelt you made it into a real Type-Moon anime as opposed to Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA. I’m proud of you. You might just be remembered as the girl who can’t say Shiro’s name correctly and butts in on Rin’s relationships but that is better than nothing. You’re still doing better than Bazett.

This is probably the only time we will ever see the Type-Moon Wrestling league given a tip of the hat since it was brought up as an April Fool’s gag back in 2008. It seems of all of the April Fools gags that had a serious potential of getting a spin-off this is the one who goes the most ignored. Considering how many people I know who are into professional wrestling (be in American, Amateur, Japanese, or Video Game) it seems like a side project that could really take off. They could at least sell some Dynamite Rin and Great Luvia figures to make my roommate happy.

By the way if Ufotable does not want to do the Good Ending as an extra for Unlimited Blade Works then they should at least do the Fem’s Casa mystery side story. That would be great for me AND the blog.

Le Morte d’Arthur.

Just so you know Glastonbury Abbey is actually the place where King Arthur’s tomb was supposed to be. At one point the legend says that a black marble tomb was in that spot but it was burned in a fire at the abbey and in its place the far more humble memorial to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere was erected. It is almost certainly just a bit of propaganda for the abbey but it still is a tourist destination today. It is also a good place to say goodbye to Saber.

I was a little surprised they went as down to earth with Shiro getting closure with Saber. I excepted some sort of spectral conversation or jump to the Thorne of Heroes or Avalon. Instead it is a far more solemn and realistic portrayal of  someone trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one. On one hand it mostly just leaves Saber as a wandering spirit still not full resolved since Fate/Zero. She is closer to her final rest but still yet to find peace. She is much like Archer in that respect. It makes me wonder if they are every going to do Fate/hollow ataraxia or do they just wish to leave the servants with their more haunting and melancholy endings. There is a distinct power to either choice.

The jump back to high school might seem unimportant but it serves three very important purposes.

The first is a simple reassurance that certain characters are OK. The last time we saw people like Taiga, Ayako, and Issei they were not doing so well. Taiga had been kidnapped and used as bait, Ayako was drained of life and might have been raped, and Issei was near death. This establishes that all of them are moving on. People like Kaede, Kane, Yukika are going forward untouched and unaware of what happened. Others like Otoko or Reikan were lightly touched and are similarly distant from the repercussions. But even those who were directly effected have healed their wounds and are moving on like nothing ever happened. Taiga, Ayako, and Issei are all back to their normal routines. They stepped into the shadows for a time but it was more a strange week to mention in memoirs than anything else.

The second is to show those who were lost. While the Servants have disappeared like the ghosts they were Souichirou is gone forever. So are all the other victims of the Holy Grail War. Souichirou might not have been innocent like many others who died he is still gone and left a small hole where he should have once been. That said like everything else the world covers over that hole quickly enough to reestablish equilibrium.

The most important task of this flashback is to show that Rin and Shiro have undergone the full Hero’s Journey. They unlike even Shinji have been transformed by their journey. When they arrive back home they more than anyone else can not go back to their old lives. Shiro looks at Souichirou‘s few remaining possessions and knows the truth about what they mean. The problem is he cannot share that knowledge with anyone who has not been down that same path. Shiro cannot return to the normal world. Much like Frodo Baggins he eventually realized that he can no longer stay in the shire and had to sail to the Undying Lands. Shiro’s choice to join Rin at the Clock Tower is the only one he could make. Rin and Shiro had to leave.


I can’t say much about this scene other than this shot always sticks out in the visual novel. It really plays up the elegant nature of Rin in a way that shows off her sex appeal but also her charisma in a far greater sense than just surface beauty. This is a woman of mature charms of the mind and spirit as well.

Overall it is nice to see how intimate Rin and Shiro have become. We never see them have sex or even kiss but that is not important. The mere fact that their body language, personal space, and conversations display the depth of their relationship in a way that dozen sloppy kisses could never convey. These are two people in the depth of a real relationship. They share their plans for the future, their hopes and fears, and their bodies in the way that only an older couple can.

I found it was slightly surprising that the largest piece of closure to the events of Fate/Zero comes with the conversation between Shiro and Waver Velvet.

They do very little to immediately tip you off that Lord El-Melloi II is in fact a grown up Waver Velvet. Hardcore fans will know that right away and it can be determined via inference but I do see it flying past most people. It was an interesting choice. I am little surprised they did not give him a little more blatant visual connection if not a more concrete hint in the dialog.

This is a conversation that can only be had to two men who have survived the Holy Grail War and in the process lost their innocence as well as someone who meant a great deal to them as a partner and a person. Like two soldiers who survived the same war they can share a connection in a way that anyone else can have sympathy for but not empathy. It is clear that Waver Velvet has hardened into a very different man. The question is how much of that will be true for Shiro as well. Archer shows that is a distinct possibility.


The choice for Rin to stay as a member and the Clock Tower and Shiro to merely graduate as a servant speaks volumes about them.

Rin has always been a woman to work the system. She sees how the world works, and clearly does not always approve of that machinery of society, but she still finds a way to twist its rules in her favor while never breaking them blatantly. She wears a mask not because she is afraid of exposing herself but because she wants to protect who she really is from those who would change her against her will. Her masks are a camouflage that allow her to move around at the highest levels while still being true to herself. If anything she has only gotten better at this. Now she is even better at keeping the real Rin safe but is now able to share that real version of herself with those she cares for.

Shiro on the other hand always has to be himself. He can’t hide behind that social mask. Therefore he will always blunder forward tripping over other people’s feet as much as his own. Some people will admire him for this and rally behind him. Some will seem him as a threat to be knocked down for the supposed good of all. But most people will use his power when they can and then distance themselves from him otherwise.

In a way that is what makes them such a good pair. They complement each other well. Rin being the subtle plotter and Shiro being the blunt instrument. More importantly they are the two interlocking pieces that allow the other to be themselves when they need it the most and when others might not be able to accept that.

The epilogue of the epilogue is certainly not the most cheerful part of the series but I think it has seeds of hope. The fact that Archer turns into a mature Shiro (and not a bitter Heroic spirit) can be seen as the cycle continuing but I like to see it as Shiro influencing Archer.  He still has the possibly of avoiding Archer’s fate like Nasu claimed he did. Your mileage may vary. I suppose it all comes down to how much you want to believe. If nothing else I believe in Rin.

I have seen a lot of people turn against this series as it went on. I think that is a shame because it really stayed true to the source material while making that interpretation feel fresh and critical. I would have been a little more intrigued by a radical departure but it would have also felt a bit like a bait and switch. The Deen versions of Fate/Stay Night have always just been blandly acceptable but never admirable. This was the first time I was proud of what I saw. I really look forward to their work on Heaven’s Feel. It will be tricky but if anyone can pull it off it will be Ufotable.

Also if you really hate Saber it is the path for you.

I guess if you really love Sakura or Rider you will also get what you want but I’m sure those three people are already on the edge of their seats.

– Alain

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2 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works #025 – All Good Things…

  1. JM says:

    As I see it it’s the other way around.
    You say that saber dies because Shirou decides to save Shinji but reality is that saber can also be saved as it was shown in the good ending.

    True ending: Rin stares as saber disappears (no running from Rin). After a while Saber starts her speech: Basically congratulations, I would have really liked to stay but Shiro has you (it is sooo clear she can be easily convinced, but Rin didn’t do anything). In this ending it is also clear Rin is head over heels for Shirou and realises he doesn’t care that much for saber.

    Good ending: Rin runs like berserker to save saber (it’s just a few meters though). Now the big question, Why did Rin saver her? There are 2 possibilities:

    A) She doesn’t love Shiro that much since she didn’t receive enough points. I would find it hard to believe though because of how much she insists afterwards he’s hers and that saber and her will teach him magic and martial arts on a daily basis. Also, why get so angry then when she considers they’re flirting? And why would Rin also say: You want her to stay, so it’s alright (this is said in the VN). Another reason I don’t think it’s likely is because in the whole VN Rin always gives Shirou what he wants: Fate (she helps bringing saber and Shirou together); UBW (if you just want Rin, you get just Rin. If you’re also interested in saber Rin runs to save her); HF (she wants him to be with Sakura and be happy). You could argue it is because Rin doesn’t love him a lot, but 90% of the time she’s risking her life because of him (and dies a few times due to that in the bad endings). Sakura can’t do that even if she wants to and saber does it out of her contract (at least during the first part of each route). I’ve always imagined Rin as Shirou’s guardian angel, and the only reason they turn into a couple in UBW is because he realises that even before the war started she saved him by consuming her most powerful weapon.

    B) She knows in this ending Shirou would almost die of sorrow if saber goes (not so much as the fate route but not that far away either). Well, this is what I believe happens. The reason why Rin keeps insisting saber is her familiar and hers would therefore be because:

    She doesn’t want them to get romantically attached (in the VN she tells them not to flirt), she just wants saber to watch over him (so he doesn’t become archer) and support him and make him happy.

    Imagine Rin gives saber back. Well, this would be a threesome whether they want it or not. Rin not having a link with saber = having sex with her, the same goes for Shirou. Now, with the link Shirou and Rin can become a couple and mana be supplied constantly without sex.

    Not to mention Rin either subsconciously or conciously chooses Archer (Shirou) over saber in the visual novel (and there is no info that may lead to thinking it changes in the anime). She asks archer to remain in this world and cries when he doesn’t accept. This happens in both the good and true ending (right before the good ending would come archer’s scene).Think that if archer had accepted Rin’s proposal both the true and happy endings would be the same (Rin – Shirou – Shirou). I do believe in the good ending Rin runs to save saber because of how much Shirou cares for her (at least 4 points given to her). Even so by asking archer to stay afterwards saber would have left this world had archer accepted (there’s not enough mana for both of them and Rin knows it. She also knows saber isn’t selfish to stay that way, by asking archer she’s in a way betraying saber, that’s why she thinks “I know I shouldn’t ask” (but she does ask…) and archer says “I do not know if you will keep your contract with saber, but I am nor qualified for that”).

  2. More says:

    One comment, Shirou doesn’t become Archer and Rin and Shirou eventually reach their happily ever after.


    This is Nasu’s blog just after the episode was released. He says that the production of episode 25 started from a manuscript created by him (as the original author). Afterwards Ufotable had to trim/change things as it was too long/ too much of a novel.

    The manuscript he creates is 11 pages long (just text) and appears in blurray box II booklet, which I happen to own. It’s not much but here’s a summary (I can confirm it is good): http://kurozu501.tumblr.com/post/131376500337/kyuubi-hime-fateubw-bdbox-ii-booklet-scans

    Now, whay do those 11 pages say about the ending? (I know japanese)

    Basically that Rin and Shirou will have their happily ever after. The part where Rin says that in the anime, that her priority is Shirou’s happiness, that she will follow him, that they will suffer together but eventually they will get their happily ever after. All that was in Nasu’s manuscript.
    Rin also wants to be part of the magic association, but that certainly doesn’t exclude the previous things I just mentioned that Nasu says.

    Nasu’s saying that Rin will be with him(she doesn’t abandon him) and that she knows that after some suffering together (as Rin says they both suffer, Rin takes part of that burden for him and follows him) Shirou will achieve his goal and they will live happily ever after.

    Why do I know he doesn’t become Archer? Because Nasu says so himself. At the end of the manuscript Rin puts her amulet in a box. She was touching it nervously and puts it there as a goodbye. Then Nasu says it means Shirou won’t become Archer as he doesn’t have the amulet. The sad goodbye symbolises her goodbye to the other Archer, the one that was her servant in the war.

    The good ending is happier because Saber will also be there with them in their happy ending. I guess it is difficult to understand from the episode, but this is a literal translation of 2 paragraphs from his manuscript:

    “The same library, a wide solemn space. I’m going searching for shirou. On the walls and walls, heavy bookshelves stand side by side and contain huge numbers of books. Those books are all thick and thick, they are only periodical books. Shiro was alone in the reading seat. He is reading books eagerly. Image that seems to be studying judicial exam rather than studying magic. Shiro, on his way to self-study, raises his face from the desk and indulges in thought. The face of anguish, anguish, anguish is painful to watch. Rin watches it and calls out with the usual lightness. Dear “Thank you for your work, you were here after all.” Shiro, I was a little surprised when I saw Rin. Shiro “Tohsaka? Not yet in class ……” Rin “I have finished the practice early” I Look at the book that Shiro was reading. A book of language, history, politics. Rin “Next to English is Italian? Magic to convey intentions”

    “Even though you only have to master it, you are honest, is not it? “Shiro” Maybe, but I wonder if there is something that can not be conveyed unless I speak with the people of the country properly in the language of that country “. It is because Shirou ‘s honesty seems to be hunted down. Rin takes the textbook from Shirou and returns it to the bookshelf. Shirou protests with eyes only saying “What you are doing”, Rin looks backwards and backwards, Rin “Freeze tomorrow, do not go out for a moment”

    The next day Shirou waits for her in the lobby and they go to one of Saber’s fake grave (yes, there are many of these as Rin says in the manuscript).

    It’s very funny Shirou has an “anguish, anguish, anguish” look while in thought and Rin comes to the conclusion: Ok, you need saber…, I’m gonna take you there tommorrow…

    The episode changes this as well. I’m not very happy with the episode actually.

    Anyways, he’s not archer. Nasu blatanly says so in the manuscript. In interviews he says the chance is so close to 0 it isn’t woth mentioning. Here he just says he won’t become Archer and before that he says Shirou and Rin will have their happily ever after.

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