Happy 8th Birthday Reverse Thieves!

Since traditionally 8th anniversaries are centered around bronze and pottery, we are expecting gifts of bronze Gunpla and Kuroko’s Basketball-themed plates and cups. If you’re in the modern anniversary camp, then Alain will be accepting Saber figures with real lace as part of her dress.

(This year we actually remembered the anniversary of the blog and did not have to scramble to get this done. OK. We might have had to scramble a little because this post comes out between AnimeNEXT and Otakon and in the middle of a new anime season BUT not because we forgot it this year.)

In 2015, we came one step closer to being “real” bloggers as Lauren Rae Orsini interviewed us for her book: Build Your Anime Blog. It is always a little weird to see oneself listed as a successful anime blogger. Our section of the book expressed our general philosophy for the blog and what we love about blogging and podcasting.

Our Monday reviews and editorials remain the bedrock of Reverse Thieves with the APB and Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup going strong. And our consistent posting schedule has led us to more than 1,700 published articles. We will almost surely have over 2,000 posts between the two of us by the Reverse Thieves 10th anniversary which certainly sounds incredible to us.

On the new front, we did our first season-specific anime awards post for winter 2015 and we’re continuing that. Anything that gives us a chance to highlight more great series is worthwhile in our book. We have a few other things coming down the pike, but we can’t give details yet.

Podcasting has become a bigger portion of our content in recent years with the success of our SWAT Reviews for the new seasons and our Case Closed Reviews to finish out each season. The big change for Reverse Thieves in the last year lays with the format of The Speakeasy Podcast as it happens. We both missed the Ongoing Investigations post as a chance to talk about things we have been reading, watching, and doing without having to make a whole topic out of them thus it was added to the podcast. It also frees the podcast from being about a specific topic unless we have a big idea on our minds.

Speaking of more podcasting, we do have a new feature coming . . .

In honor of the U.S. BD release of Cowboy Bebop, we are pleased to announce our Cowboy Bebop Rewatch Podcast. We’ve been watching episodes one at a time and recording an in-depth podcast about every session. Currently, we have half a dozen episodes in the can but we’re waiting to have a larger queue before we start releasing them weekly. We hope to release our first episode soon after Otakon.

If the reaction to this rewatch podcast is well received (and we don’t utterly hate the process of doing it), we may continue the series with other nostalgic titles.

Thanks for stopping by Reverse Thieves whether this is your first time or your hundredth over the years. We really appreciate all of the people we’ve met through this ongoing endeavor.

~ kate


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