Currywurst, Apfelstrudel, and Lángos

hisui_icon_4040I will finally be able to live life like the Galactic Hero, Siegfried Kircheis, and have a light snack of black beer in a large glass, sausage, potatoes, a sauerkraut. The dream is real.

I’m going on my first major vacation (that does not involve an anime convention) in years. I will be spending a week and a half in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. It’s my first trip to Europe so I’m a decent combination of nervous and excited. If anyone has any tips of food I should eat, places I should visit, or basic European travel advice I am eager to hear them.

I will be gone from the 11th to the 20th of July. That means the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup is going to have a bit of weird schedule while I’m gone. The post on the 11th will go up as normal (although it will probably be missing any Saturday news), there will be no post on the 18th, I will be posting a catch up post on the 21st, and then there will be no post on the 25th because I will be at Otakon. After that everything should be back on a normal schedule. I know the readership of the News Roundup is hardly colossal but the fact that I have been posting in on a regular schedule for two and a half years means a lot to me.

Other than that we have squirreled always enough content that the rest of the blog should generally appear unchanged (other than my half of the APB posts being a little less tied to current events than usual.)

Other than that Kate is usually the more responsible member of the blog so I have no worries.

I’m mostly just looking forward to eating good food, seeing historic sites, indulging my hidden history major, and expanding my general perspective. I will talk to you all again when I return!



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