Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Summer Time Blues

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

  • Every once in a while the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup picture is mostly just to make me happy. This is one of those weeks. 
  • Wear Your Shame in Public! 
    You can get yourself on a list by wearing a shirt of either Illya, Miyu, or Chole.
  • Color Kids and the Star Sprites
    A look at the sprites from Fate/Grand Order all in one place with some special attention given to their final forms.
  • Friesian Horse Association of North America
    You can now watch the video for the opening song of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!
  • Now You Can Also be a Saber Clone!
    COSPATIO has released a rather impressive Saber outfit that has her dress and armor. You just have to pay an arm and a leg to get in piecemeal.
  • Saber Comes for the Food but Stays for the Fireworks
    With summer wrapping up Twitter has lots of festival art for Fate/Stay Night.
    The Cure Maid Cafe has a Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! collaboration with themed dishes and merchandise. The problem is I do not see enough maids on the merchandise. You have Sella and Leysritt but the maid cafe mostly ignores them. For shame. If they ever do something for the Tsukihime Remake they better not slack in the same way.
  • Clean Yourself with the Men of Fate/Stay Night
    Archer and Lancer body wash is the only way to clean yourself in a properly manly fashion. Iskandar body wash would be too powerful for mere mortals and Kate buys up all the Gilgamesh body wash.
  • ;_;
    Am I the only one slightly disturbed by the art of the new Fate/Grand Order comic?
  • The Heart of Sentai Filmworks
    Sentai Filmworks has licensed Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz!
  • A Trip Down Route 88
    An account of the Type-Moon booth at Comiket 88.
  • Garden of Sinners for the Masses
    It is much easier to recommend The Garden of Sinners when it is in print.  It is still crazy expensive but at least it can be obtained.

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