Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei Herz! #005: Moving Beyond Economics 101

hisui_icon_4040 The filler continues with another episode that is all new material. If you go to the beach in one episode then the only proper follow up summer activity is always the local festival. There is no way that Prisma Illya would break that anime tradition. The amusement park if anything is more of the deviation.

This in many ways marks the end of Summer vacation. It is not the end of the vacation period but past this point it is usually doing homework and other last minute preparations. The twilight is the last moment of pure fun with everything else being a slightly lazy transition back into the standard routine. Being a magical girl is no different in this regard. This is the last time Illya, Miyu, and Chloe have to be regular girls before they confront the 8th card. But just like with a mundane vacation there is still the ever present specter of conventional responsibilities hovering over head just out of sight. Only when your a magical girl those responsibilities have a far greater potential to be deadly.

Illya and the gang visit the local festival to eat (overpriced) food, play (shady) games, keep (the 666 Beast known as) Tatsuko from ruining her family, and watch the (physical and metaphorical) fireworks with Shiro, Rin, and Luvia. But lurking in the background is the secret that Miyu is keeping inside.

Poor Sella. You try so hard but you never get any respect. If only Leysritt were not your natural born enemy.

This scene was mostly just an excuse on the part of the show (and me) just to get in a shot of Sella and Leysritt.

It was clear that the last episode did not have enough fan service so they decided to make it up with all the yukata service they could get their hands on. Do we have Luvia with a major cleavage yukata? Check! Luvia going commando because of a trick by Rin? Check! Illya going commando because … she is Illya? Check! A wardrobe malfunction by someone without underwear? Check!

It seems that the proper balance between heaven and hell has been reestablished within Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya.

Apparently Miyu understands the general principles of economics but not how the real world shapes said theory. The location of a service and the perception of the consumer can dictate the market price as much as the manufacturing cost. Is Miyu also perplexed every time she passes by two Starbucks within a block and a half of each other with an independent coffee shop in between them?

Also Miyu does not realize that she might be cruisin’ for a bruisin’ especially with the types of people who run booths at festivals. Tatsuko’s family runs a booth. ‘Nuff said.

It is interesting to see Magical Bushido Musashi back in full force. I do wonder how much Magical Bushido Musashi is based on Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl or are they just concurrent inventions?

Tatsuko truly is the master of disaster. We learn even her own family is not that keen on having her around. They may love her but they also know she is a wreck made of human garbage and tragic failure.

In many ways Illya’s face pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction to Ruby. You will never get your revenge on the magical girl wand version of Akiha Tohno if you keep acting like this Ruby. (Is Akiha a wand or some sort of magical slim jim or prayer slip?)

Bazett works so hard for so little. Like the crew of the Bebop or the members of ACROSS. One day she will pay back all those debts she has incurred.

That day will not be today.

You know, Tatsuko’s dad is a pretty stand up guy. He lets Shiro go and have fun with Rin and Luvia. That is the properly manly thing to do.

Also he realizes that daughter is Dianoga in human form.

What does it say about my life as an anime fan that I was somewhat relieved when the joke about someone pissing themselves did not actually involve urine?

So far I have mostly just paid lip service to what has been going on. Most of the episode has been like the cotton candy that Miyu objected to the mark up on. Sweet but insubstantial. When Miyu is fixing Illya’s yukata it is clear that she wants to tell Illya the truth about her past but needs someone to drag it out of her. The problem is Illya is far too passive and wants to avoid conflict at all costs. When the opportunity for either of them, or even better, both of them to avoid the issues is presented they take it in a second. But as Chole notes whatever secret Miyu has i:

A. Can’t be minor or she would have shared it with Illya
B. Can’t be trivial or else Miyu would not be so torn up
C. Is almost certainly related to them being magical girls because of the situations where Miyu becomes most awkward.

It is a ticking time bomb with no timer being displayed.

Although Murphy’s Law says that it will probably be important when they are in a jam. And the 8th card certainly seems like the sort of situation where a jam could occur.

Chole really is the most insightful character. She also clearly realizes that she is powerless to move Miyu or Illya. Miyu won’t open up to anyone other than Illya and Illya can’t be forced to confront Miyu. So she quietly waits for an actual opportunity and just sighs for now. Until then she can take in the pretty fireworks before the deadly ones start.

As far as filler episodes go this one was largely inconsequential. It did not help that it came after the far stronger episode at the amusement park. That just had better comedy, character moments, and action. This if nothing else was just a moment of complete calm. In way considering the biggest card fight is up next that makes sense. This acts as both contrast to what comes next while also a bit of forewarning.

Next week the show is back on track with the manga as the magical girl crew does their final preparations. Summer vacation is finally over. The real work now begins.

– Alain



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