Kate Goes to Japan: A New Blog


narutaki_icon_4040 That’s right! I’m going on my very first trip to Japan! Of course, it isn’t until May 2016. But that isn’t very far away when you are an over-organized traveler like myself. So I’ve decided to spin all my research (and insanity) into something at least a bit productive: a tumblr. You can follow me as I discover sights to visit, discuss trains and otaku culture, find the best places to eat, and plan all the other the details of my trip. If you don’t want to check-in on tumblr, I’ll be posting links on Fridays here on Reverse Thieves for all the posts I’ve made during the week.

Posts from the Week of 01/30/16:

The Basics: When I am Going
The Basics: Where I am Going
The Basics: How I am Getting to Japan
The Basics: How I am Getting Around Japan
The Basics: Language
Using a Travel Agent
The Basics: Cell Phone
Choosing a Hotel

~ kate


4 thoughts on “Kate Goes to Japan: A New Blog

  1. matty says:

    Last July was my first go at it myself. It was fun! I’m not sure if you have a smartphone, but if you’re looking for useful apps, I recommend Hyperdia and My Tokyo Navi. They were actually essential for me since I was traveling solo and had to get about with my minimal amount of Japanese reading and speaking. Then again, depending on which city you’re in, Japan could be a fun city to get lost in!
    Also, I didnt use the app myself, but I hear Tabimori is useful for looking for touristy stuff (eats, shops, etc.).

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