Alain Saves, Everyone Else Takes Damage

hisui_icon_4040 A while back Kate and I did individual interviews for Electrum Edition about our experiences with table top role-playing games. Kate’s story was published back in July but then the blog went on a bit of a hiatus and my answers were never posted. But now that the Electrum Edition has gotten a second wind I also got my chance to shine. As I have been rolling dice and making saving throws for a bit longer than Kate so I have a slightly different perspective than her. She distinctly had much more to say about being a new player and her journey of discovery. I on the other hand could talk a little more about being a GM and seeing the best and worst of the hobby. If you love RPGs, want to know more about role-playing games, or just like to know what I’m like as a gamer then you should definitely see what I have to say about getting inspiration for story lines, the best part of sitting around a table, and my love for Mage: The Ascension.

Plus it lets me shoehorn in a Traveler reference on the blog again. This has become a pet project of mine at this point.

Save vs. Interview: The Long Lost Al Interview


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