Clickbait Panel Titles: A Pre-AnimeNext 2017 Podcast

hisui_icon_4040_round Yes. I do realize the humor of using a clickbait title for a podcast that sort of groans about clickbait panel titles.

To prepare for this year’s AnimeNEXT I got Carl from Ogiue Maniax to co-host a short podcast about our plans for the convention. We talk about what we look forward to at the convention as well as our hopes for the convention’s second run in Atlantic City.

I have panels! Attend them if you can!

Friday 11:45 PM – New Anime For Older Fans in Panel 304 

Carl has panels as well!

Friday 3:00 PM – The Art of Stock Footage in Panel 301
Saturday 2:00 PM – Sports, Robots, and Romance: The Works of Tadao Nagahama in Panel 320 

A Pre-AnimeNext 2017 Podcast



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