Denpa Licenses Today’s Menu for Emiya Family + Interview with Ed Chavez

hisui_icon_4040_round Originally this was just going to be a simple Interview with Ed Chavez and me about his connection to the Gurazeni manga. I always thought it was wild that I knew someone who had a manga very loosely based on their life. With the anime for the series on Crunchyroll, I was shocked that no one had interviewed Ed about such a fascinating story. So I convinced him to talk with me a little about his amazing connection to this manga.

Then at Otakon, Ed made his big announcement about his new manga imprint Denpa and his initial selection of titles.  We all knew Ed was working on some new project, but it was still a very pleasant surprise to discover the strength of the lineup. I asked Ed if we could broaden the interview to talk about this new company as well.

So now that the insanity of Otakon is over, we finally got a chance to sit down and talk.

The first half of the interview is a little history about the fascinating life of Ed Chavez in manga and professional baseball, and how it led to the main character of Gurazeni taking inspiration from his experiences and interests. The second half is an introduction to the philosophy and books of Denpa, LLC and what we can expect from their first set of titles.

It then wraps up with an exciting bonus title announcement: Today’s Menu for Emiya Family by TAa. If you have seen the anime from Ufotable you will know it is a heartwarming mixture of delicious food and good vibes with the cast of the original Fate/Stay Night.

So sit back and listen to this in-depth interview with Ed and maybe pick up some of his new books on RightStuf.



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