February Updates: Playing Catch-up

Hello, all! Kate here.

Lately, I have had the feeling of being perpetually behind in everything whether it is work, anime, manga, reading, TV shows, trying out new recipes, and so on. In February, I tried to make a dent in all the things I’d like to be experiencing. Although it was competing with the winter Olympics, I still feel like I’ve made progress on many fronts!

I baked two cakes from the most excellent (and simple) book, Snacking Cakes by Yossy Arefi.

I finally started watching Cobra Kai on Netflix (I’m not caught up, but I’m getting there) and I’m obsessed! I know I’m late to the party of this, but really I can’t believe how much I love this show. Miguel is my heart.

I’ve returned to table-top roleplaying after a break since Thanksgiving, and oh how I missed it! I’m currently embroiled in a short World of Darkness campaign.

On the manga and anime side of things, I’m now current with the My Hero Academia manga; I’m watching the Ranking of Kings anime week to week; and I’m proud to have finished Demon Slayer S2 the same day the final episode came out. There still much to go, but I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress!

Join us on Discord! Let us know what’s on your list to catch-up on.



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