Manga of the Month: A Sign of Affection

A Sign of Affection by Suu Morishita

Ever since you showed up and widened my world it feels like even my breath is a different color. I want this to be love. I choose love.

Cute and fashionable Yuki has made her college debut. She is spreading her wings, expanding her world, making new friends, and, when she has a chance encounter with friend of a friend Itsuomi on the train, falling in love for the first time. Itsuomi loves to travel, learn new languages, and has a generally curious nature. With a little encouragement, Yuki decides pursue Itsuomi and put in the effort to get to know him. And Itsuomi finds himself more interested in somewhere (someone) closer to home than he ever has before.

Yuki is a Deaf character who uses a hearing aid. The manga incorporates many different forms of communication: sign language, speech, lip reading, writing, and texting. Each way is portrayed in a specific way. There’s also notes from Morishita about the way they’ve depicted sign language, the different forms of sign, and real-life details about living without hearing.

The romance in A Sign of Affection is the swoony, stomach butterflies kind. Every time Yuki and Itsuomi have a close moment, the pages illuminate; the intimate moments are stretched out and indulged in. This is my favorite current romance manga and winter is the perfect time to pick up this cozy love story!



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