All the Titles Fit to License, 2017 Edition

There were more than twice the amount of manga licensed compared to anime this year. A whopping 240+ manga licenses were announced! That is surprising since the amount of titles picked up in 2016 had dropped from 2015 and were hovering closer to the low-100s. Even more shocking was that more than 70 of the 2017 titles were licensed by Seven Seas alone.

Anime licenses were hovering around 100 which is a little lower than last year. The big takeaway from this year was how little Funimation licensed with a mere 12 titles. Just 4 Aniplex licenses and none from Pony Canyon as well. Light novel licenses were about the same. And crowdfunding campaigns continued to increase but more on the creation side rather than the licensing side.

As a reminder, this list does not include streaming-only anime and manga. And as always, let us know if we missed anything.

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Kizumonogatari: Beware That, When Fighting Monsters, You Yourself do not Become a Monster…

hisui_icon_4040_round This post is four reviews for the price of one. You can’t beat value like that. Mind you this site is free but I still think the economical nature of this post is undeniable.

I decided that I would review all three Kizumonogatari movies as well as the original novel in one post. While I was given a copy of the Kizumonogatari novel right after I saw the first movie I decided that I would wait to read it until after I watched all three movies. It is a well-known phenomenon that visual adaptations tend to get much harsher reviews if the critic has read the source material first. I wanted to give both versions as fair as shake as I can so that is why I am bundling all four reviews into one review.

As this is a Nisio Isin series that focuses on vampires there is absolutely no chance of Kate participating in this review. Much like crosses and vampires, I’m fairly certain that Kizumonogatari actually acts as a ward against Kate and possibly does 2d6 damage under the right circumstances.

I also wanted to mention that these Kizumonogatari movies have been in a bit of limbo for a while. The films were originally announced all the way back in July 2010. After several delays and the release of later books as TV series, the release of Kizumonogatari became a bit of a running joke among fans of the series as it was trapped in development hell. In fact, Shaft released 2 multi-part seasons of different parts of the Monogatari series before they released these three movies. More and more points of the anime referenced the plot in Kizumonogatari with the assumption that people had read the book so anyone who only watched the anime just had to piece what happened in the third book by inference. That too became a bit of a running joke with English-speaking fans.

I don’t really know why the movies got delayed as long as they did. It is certainly not a Duke Nukem Forever train wreck despite being delayed so long. In fact, it is on par with everything else that has come before it with a bit more theatrical polish. I mostly wanted to mention that as a bit of history especially if anyone reads this post years after the movies come out it would be very easy to not ever realize how much later these movies came out then it was originally scheduled.

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The Ahoge is the Mark of the King – Fate/Complete Material Artbook 2: Character Material

hisui_icon_4040 From the perspective of a translator, the first Fate/Complete Material Artbook was easy mode. It had the most artwork and the least amount of text out of all the Type-Moon artbooks. While it was still a decent challenge for a translator it is a cake walk compared to the later books. The first book was mostly just the CG from the game with some extra material. In many ways, it works perfectly as a test of the viability of the licensing of the series for the English market. Start off with the easiest book to adapt before diving into the more complicated morass of the later books. Character Materials has interviews and long boxes of text. There is still a lot of artwork but this book has meat. Since Type-Moon fandom is such a lore based fandom it makes the book much more valuable since this is where the real insights and revelations are held. The true Dark Souls starts here.

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