Letters from Atman: My First D&D Campaign Pt. 8

narutaki Alrighty then, it is official the world of Atman would be much better off without us “heroes.”

When last we left off, the party had stumbled into a mad, world-destroying plot by the Dread Lord. We were tasked with delivering some of his literature heralding his coming to the leaders of the Elven and Orchish empires. Since our choice was death or be messengers, we chose messengers hoping we could figure some way out of this mess.

We didn’t.

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Watcher in the Wings

It is another off scene D&D post. In a way these little posts let me think about what is going on in the heads of the NPCs. I’m usually thinking about what they are doing but not necessarily what is fully going on in their heads. This makes them a little more personal and hopefully rounds out the NPCs in general. Not that is really matters a ton in this particular case.

This post is from the perspective of a character who would be the first chapter POV character in A Song of Fire and Ice book. But even little barely used characters like this should have a feeling that they have a life before they were drawn into the story and if they survive and life beyond when the PC interact with them.

All in all the party saw this poor guy for a matter of seconds. When then finally reached the fort they were going to Aranel spotted this ranger who was watching them (which brings up the fact that Aranel consistently makes observation and hidden door checks but is terrible at tracking rolls). They spent the rest of the session avoiding their tail without making it too obvious. So when he is finally dispatched by a third-party while observing them he comes and goes with little fanfare. He did not even get to say word one to the PCs.

But this guy has a story none the less.

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Letters from Atman: My First D&D Campaign Pt. 7

narutaki¬†One of the new pieces to the game that opened up before this session was a planning stage by our party without the DM. Before the end of arc 1, there was a clear way to go, sure we’d do a little deviation here and there but our course was basically set, now with so many possibilities it seemed necessary to discuss our options at length outside of the game. I wanted to do this for two basic reasons: 1) to keep the game moving instead of us spending an entire session deciding what to do next, and 2) to keep things interesting for our DM. Since some of our party are playing via Google Hangouts, we don’t have a lot of time outside of the game to talk about it. The meeting ended up being super helpful and allowed us to brainstorm without the added pressure of being in session.

That being said, I could not have predicted the turn of events upon starting again. The party was generally able to go down the path we planned beforehand, but the results were very unexpected; nothing turned out how we imagined. After it was over, I realized that is probably the ideal scenario; planned up still surprising at every turn!

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