The 9th Annual Anime Secret Santa Project Opens!

It might seem early to be thinking about the holidays, but in order to get this ever-growing project off the ground we have to get started! Once again, it is time to call for participants for the 8th Annual Anime Secret Santa Project!

The idea of this project is for everyone who participates to be reviewing a show they might not have normally watched or may have overlooked. Everyone will get someone else in the project to review a series of their choice and in return review something picked by one of their fellow bloggers.

The goal is threefold for everyone involved:

  • Mixing up what you watch and review.
  • Getting other people to watch things you feel deserve more attention.
  • Interacting with others thus creating possibilities for cross-blog readership and other cross-blog experiments.

Here is how this little project works: If you want to participate send us your Name, Blog or Podcast Address, and MyAnimeList Link (or Anime Planet or some other equivalent listing) via e-mail (secretsanta.rt [at] gmail [dot] com) with subject: Secret Santa Participant. Due by Saturday, October 14th, 2017. Make sure that your MAL (or whatever!) is updated as much as possible before you submit it. Also, if you will not watch fan-subs mention that in the e-mail, too.

We will then make a circular list of everyone involved in the project that only we will know the order of. We will take care to make sure those who have watched a lot will be put with others who have watched a lot; those who are newer to anime will similarly be put with others who have not watched as much. From there the order will then be randomized.

Everyone will then receive the name, blog/podcast, and list of the person they are the Secret Santa for. You will then suggest three shows and two back-up picks for the person all of which must be 26 episodes or less (yes, you can suggest movies, too). The shows must be subtitled in some fashion. Remember that you are picking shows that you hope the other person will like and give an honest chance. Look over their list and whether they watch fan-subs then try to pick out something good but unexpected.

Once we get everyone’s picks we will then pass on the shows to the recipients. No one except us will know the names of the person who gave you your choices. You then pick the show you are going to watch. Everyone is responsible for getting their own material for the review. You will receive your show choices by November 11th, 2017.

You then have until late December to watch the show you were assigned and write a review. On the week of Christmas, everyone will post their reviews for the Secret Santa Project. We would prefer you to post your review on Christmas Eve but you can alter it as to the schedule of your blog or podacst. On Christmas Day, we will reveal the name of who had who as a Secret Santa along with a small post about the project.

Again: If you want to participate send us your Name, Blog or Podcast Address, and MyAnimeList Link (or Anime Planet or some other equivalent listing) via e-mail (secretsanta.rt [at] gmail [dot] com) with subject: Secret Santa Participant. Due by Saturday, October 14th, 2017.

Just in case someone does not know what traditional Secret Santa is.

Why we don’t do manga secret santa.

Secret Santa 2016 Project Reveal

hisui_icon_4040_round It is once gain time to learn the identity of your Anime Secret Santa. Where they a kindly Befana who left you an undiscovered anime gem or a wicked Frau Perchta made you watch Vampire Holmes. Hopefully, either way, everyone involved had a good time and hopefully learns a little about their fellow anime fans.

Or if nothing else has made a bitter rival whose destruction will give them strength to carry on even in the darkness times.

One quick question for everyone to think about as they look over the list below: What could we do next year to make this even better. At this point, I think the Secret Santa Project is a fairly well-oiled machine. This is the 7th year for this exchange so I think we have worked out most of the major kinks. But is there something we have missed? It is entirely possible. This is also the time to innovate. 2017 could be a fun time to try a little twist on what he have done in the past.

If you have an improvement, variant (other than Manga Secret Santa), or a bit of advice for next year just kindly let us know below.

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Secret Santa Project Review: Millennium Actress – The Running Woman

hisui_icon_4040_round 2016 gave me a fairly diverse series of Secret Santa titles: Electromagnetic GirlfriendMillennial Actress, and Strike the Blood. This year I went with Millennial Actress. As always I will try to watch and review all three shows but I never make that promise. I have seen the price of hubris from previous participants and I learned to not over promise on what I can deliver especially around the holidays.

Theoretically, the risky choice is Strike the Blood. At the same time, Strike the Blood seems the most middle of the road show. I remember the show coming out but I have no real recollection of the anime beyond that. I can’t really think of anyone who really loves the show or hates it. I am curious what about the show made my Secret Santa think I would like it but I figured it would make a good third choice if I have the time.

Electromagnetic Girlfriend is a complete unknown to me. At first, I thought someone was asking me to watch Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl (aka Electromagnetic Wave Woman and Adolescent Man) but this turns out to be a different show. The mystery element is rather intriguing. I’m really going to try my hardest to also do a review of this one if I can.

I finally broke the seal on one of my safety movies. Since I started the Secret Santa Project I have deliberately not watched a few movies so that people have things to recommend me. I have owned Millennial Actress and Tokyo Godfathers but I have not watched them so I could hopefully watch them during a year where my choices were dire. As the years have gone by I built up a large list of titles I have not seen but probably should get around to watching. So I figured it was time to finally watch a masterpiece for once.  Continue reading