Ongoing Investigations: Case #020

Well, well, dare I curse us by saying that the experiment earlier in the week went well. We got some good comments and interesting feedback. A social experiment like this, and all experiments, can have surprising outcomes or they can turn out exactly as you hypothesized.

I think the most important thing was that we tried the experiment more than if we “succeeded,” “failed,” or learned some grand lesson. I guess that is my scientific education showing though. Also no one can accuse us of hating on Kodomo no Jikan without ever reading it. They can still hate on us but I can ignore them without guilt. I think we both tried our best to cast aside our prejudices and give our respective manga a fair shake. I know for one that I will continue to give new genres and controversial manga a chance.  If I had let the Internet dictate what series were about I would still think that Pretty Cure was a lesbian pedophilia show and not just a cute magical girl show.

I apologize for not doing much in the way or reading or watching this week. I have been wrapped up in a novel :)

I randomly found Yanki-kun to Megane-chan looking up what magazine Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei ran in. I thought it had a cute name so I decided to read a few chapters. I really like it. It is a good blend of shoujo and shonen. The author, Yoshikawa Miki, used to be the assistant of Mashima Hiro the author of Rave Master. The facial expressions and some of the comedic timing are clearly reminiscent of her old boss but she brings a lot of her own style to the manga. Daichi and Hana have a spastic but amusing friendship. For some reason Daichi’s constant obsession over whether or not Hana likes him while clearly ignoring his own feelings for her brings a smile to my face. As for Hana, I feel she is the Captain Tylor of class representatives. I have to say I am also really liking Rinka from what little I have seen of her. I would have crossed the line and payed the 100,000 yen fine if you know what I mean. I am really surprised I have not heard more people talking about this manga.

I never really thought I liked the band UVERworld, but in this past year I have heard three anime openings (Toward the Terra, Gundam 00 season 2, and Bleach’s 2nd opening) provided by them and I could no longer deny I had major love for their sound. So I decided to finally listen to some of their full length albums. Overall I think they are pretty decent and have an upbeat fun sound. Sometimes they throw in some rap with it which is only done semi-well. I will continue to follow them and see what they do next!

I recently watched To Aru Majutsu no Index up to episode seven. I was surprised they wiped Toma’s memories. It places him in the position where the majority of the cast and the audience now know much more than him. They keep teaming up Toma with Stiyl Magnus in a antagonistic fashion so I am sure they are insanely popular in yaoi. I really wanted to like Kaori Kanzaki because she is a magical swordswoman but she has to have the ugliest fashion sense I have ever seen in a anime character. Really? One legged Jeans with a crop top and cowboy boots? Really? That is such a hideous combination it hurts my eyes. On the other hand Index is still super cute. Yeah, Index! Also for such a popular character I have still not seen that much Mikoto Misaka which is a crying shame.

It is rather rare to find Sherlock Hound fan-art let alone good fan-art, that is why this is the Pic of the Week:

sherlock hound, holmes, fanart

One thought on “Ongoing Investigations: Case #020

  1. Lothos says:

    Well, yesterday was a really slow day at work (for once) so I spent most of it listening to music and browsing the internet. I decided to check out Yanki-kun to Megane-chan and am now hooked. Read up through chapter 24 and am now eagerly anticipating the next. Very cute story.

    Oh, and I like Rinka a lot too, but 100,000¥ = ~$1000 which is quite a bit of money…ah hell, who’m I kidding, I could work it off and maybe setup a payment plan :)

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