Ongoing Investigations: Case #021

I was interested in Chaos;Head because it was described as Welcome to the NHK mixed with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Since I loved both series I figured this might be a great combination. This was not a lie. In fact it’s a good one line description. Unfortunately, Chaos;Head takes all my least favorite parts of both series and combines them into one utterly detestable show. I liked Keiichi as a character from Higurashi although I may be in the minority. Sato from Welcome to the NHK was not a likable character but he was enjoyable because he was the main character in a dark comedy. Takumi Nishijo is an even less likable character and he is the star of a paranoid supernatural murder mystery. I will forgive a character for being utterly unlikeable for comedy but not drama. Also I can’t imagine the world where, no matter how much magic is involved, any woman would watch to touch Takumi with a 10 foot pole. Also I found most of the female characters rather flat and uninteresting. If you can’t interest me in women with magical swords you are obviously doing something wrong. I am curious what is behind all the murder in Shibuya but not enough to keep watching. Chaos;Head plays with some good plot hooks but without good characters to back them up.

Got around to books 2 and 3 of Here is Greenwood. The guys of Greenwood never fail to crack me up with their antics from helping out pop idols to the fierce competition (and betting pool) at the sports festival. It remains a delightful, funny series about friendship and dorm life with the constant addition of over the top situations.

Armored Trooper Votoms ends like so many other anime with the main character killing God. This of course makes everyone think of Nietzsche so you can insert your own The Gay Science joke here. The plot quickly becomes all about Chirico as we entered part 4. God Planet Quent throws some major plot revelations that diminish poor Fyana’s significance which was sad because I liked her. They avoided the trap of making Fyana a useless girl character in a robot show but her importance to the plot rises and falls depending on the episode. Sometimes she has to be protected; others she does the protecting. She never fades away but I would have liked to see her be Chirico’s partner like she was in Part 3. I liked the ending but the the epilogue seemed sort of bizarre in Chirico and Fyana’s decision. Votoms was a good take on the real robot genre. The mecha in Votoms had many different variations but was utterly utilitarian and there was no uber mecha that rule over all other mecha. It was all about the pilots. I think I would like to see more series like that but I wonder if that effects the all important model kits sales.

I read the 07-Ghost preview courtesy of Go-Comi which I can’t ever recall buying any manga from as of yet (though I have been interested in Bogle which is about a theif). It has nice artwork and pretty boys running around in military school. So far there has been some supernatural abilities slightly displayed and there is an obvious secret agenda by the school. Since it was just a preview I didn’t get a sense of the world yet, however it has a nice fantasy or possibly alternate history feel to it. I also like the friendship between the two main guys. I may just pick up my first Go-Comi title with this one. Also has an anime on the way in Japan.

I finally picked up my two One Piece figures from my parents house. I love the Portrait of Pirates figures. They are nicely made and have been getting significantly more intricate as the series goes on. We start with the only figure that is two different figures in one because of course Usopp is a completely different person than his good friend Sogeking. Usopp comes with two different Sogeking masks, his toolbag, cape, and the Kabuto slingshot.

I like the Bon Clay figure but have to say it’s rather odd for them to make a figure of him. I know he distinctly has a following in Japan. Surpassing characters like Buggy, Sir Crocodile, Mihawk and the such. That is the way that Japan decides to make it’s crazy choices. Still there are very few one piece characters I would not buy a figure of so who am I to complain. Bon Clay comes with two different faces and you can attach his swans to his feet from maximum Okama Kenpo power.

Finally got to see the first episode of Tentai Senshi Sunred which is a limited animation production parodying tokusatsu shows. Would very much fit in the vein of Adult Swim productions and the animation is similar to it as well. Oh and it is just 15 minutes long. A pretty funny show that you really don’t have to know much about sentai shows to get. And it has a totally awesome opening song (keep an eye on those subtitles!) which is reason enough to see it.

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2 thoughts on “Ongoing Investigations: Case #021

  1. Sub says:

    I am currently putting myself through Chaos;Head, and I really wish they’d get to the central mystery instead of wallowing in all this rote harem anime stuff. It’s kind of ridiculous– and I get the feeling the writer is well aware of this– that this character is so insistently buried in fantasy when his real life is a hot-chicks-want-me parade in the exact style of the media he consumes. He goes on about how he can’t deal with three-dimensional women, when every 3D woman in his life is a cardboard cutout from the 2D world. Dude is repugnant, and not in the same sense of the doomed protagonists of NHK or even Ressentiment, who have this sad glimmer of humanity. He pisses me off because he’s so boring and useless.

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