Otakon, Return to the Motherland!

Ah, it feels so great to be returning to Otakon this year. There is just something so special about it and I don’t think I want to miss another one. This great love is what keeps me on the east coast convention wise. Like so many other years and conventions we are traveling in a large herd that includes Carl from Ogiue Maniax, Scott from Anime Almanac, and Evan from Ani-Gamers. Not to mention the many, many people we will be seeing during the convention. And, wow, a very nice guest list this year even if it was right down to the wire! Going right along with that, this is our first opportunity to attend as press giving us the chance to get a little closer to these amazing guests. We are also running panels so it will be a very well-rounded experience though we may be taking on too much. I expect a thoroughly enjoyable and busy time. I will be tweeting as much as I can from the con but I won’t have much Internet access otherwise. There will be fun, there will be food, there will be sleuthing, and there will be burning friendship! Otakon 2009, here we come!

I warn everyone that is in a post filled with dirty, filthy lies. There is so much to do, so much so see, so many people to talk with, and just any number of unexpected occurrences that can and will happen that I am sure this schedule will only be half right most of the time. More often than not it is not a matter of picking something to do but rather deciding between three equally awesome things. And as press we could be getting interviews as well so that makes everything even more up in the air. If you want to be guaranteed see both of us then your best bet is to attend our panels. We always give away great free stuff! I am bringing two Iron Mountain boxes filled with prizes this year so be there or be square. Other than that,  if you see someone with a Reverse Thieves badge or a Reverse Thieves shirt just say hello. We are always eager to talk. Also if you want to get me to attend your panel just ask. As long as I do not have something vital to do I will usually attend. I am easy that way. Now that I look at it, I have no where decent on the schedule to each lunch or dinner but that is why you bring snacks and drink lots of water. So hopefully I will have a kick arse time and so will everyone else who attends. Excelsior!

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Travel to Japan panel
No Means No, Defense against Fanboys and Fangirls panel
Know Your Creators panel
Yutaka Yamamoto panel
Mobile Suit Gundam: Celebrating 30 Years panel
Anime Recruitment (12:45-1:45PM this is our panel!)
VAMPS panel
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: History’s Future panel
Opening Ceremonies
Kikuko Inoue panel
Evangelion panel
I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This! (7:00-8:00PM this is our panel!)
MELL concert
Living with Kami: Shinto panel

Gundam Model Building workshop
Funimation panel
Women of the Floating World: Geisha and Oiran panel
Anime and Manga Studies panel
Naomi Tamura panel
Anime’s Craziest Deaths panel
MELL panel
From Kenshiro to Kenshin: The Neo-Shonen Revolution panel
Fred Schodt panel
VCI Entertainment Industry panel
Fred Schodt autograph
Noboru Ishiguro and Yukio Kikukawa panel
Return of the Anime Old Timers Panel?
Review Anime the Right Way panel
Video Games That Push Our Buttons panel
Dubs That Time Forgot panel
Otakon Game Show
Sailor Moon’s Influence in Hentai (18+) panel

The Negima Chupacabra Society panel
Without Watching the Anime: Opening & Ending Themes panel
Masao Maruyama panel
Hidenori Matsubara panel
Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy, and the Manga/Anime Revolution, with Fred Schodt panel
Naomi Tamura concert

As a reminder: No Ongoing Investigations this week!

4 thoughts on “Otakon, Return to the Motherland!

  1. Ink says:

    Thanks for the great panel (I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This). I’ve only seen about 1/2 of what you guys recommended, and will definitely seek out those I haven’t!

  2. Jeremy Williams says:

    Hey guys! Long time, no chat! Did you make it to the Gundam: celebrating 30 years panel? If you did, then you probably saw me! I was the Zaku box guy, a.k.a “The Guy in the Back” XD I’m sorry I didn’t get to to to the Anime Recruitment panel; had I known it was yours, I would’ve loved to meet you in person!

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