Ongoing Investigations: Case #052

So I finally got around to building my Char Action Base over the weekend. I was quite surprised that it was in any way complex, I expected to just open up the package and be good to go. Not so. This is probably for maximum customability, there were more stickers in this kit than I think there were in the actual Zaku II Master Grade I built! Both stands can be put in many different positions as well as be lengthened and shortened easily. They are very thick so sturdiness seems in tact though trying to put the Zaku II at a 90 degree angle proved too much for it. In any case, the construction was rather quick and then came the ability to make Char’s Zaku look like it is flying through space! Watch out!

I don’t think that The Battle of Genryu: Origin is a bad manga though I am not sure it is a good one either. Our main character Jinnosuke has an unusual condition. Most of the time he is a normal clumsily high school student but every so often he get amazing bursts of athletic skill. We comes to find he has tremendous martial arts skill that lies dormant thanks to his family’s hypnotism. Jinnosuke’s older brother, Soichiro comes back determined to awaken this sleeping powerhouse. The fighting is fine and entertaining but not spectacular. Shoko Fukaki tends to use a lot of speed lines and the rest of the art work is serviceable but not outstanding. Jinnosuke is happy go lucky normally but his personality with the power is utterly ruthless. That dynamic is what will make or break this manga, but it is hard to tell which direction it is leaning here. I was somewhat saddened that even though Fusano, Jinnosuke’s girlfriend, is also a martial artist, she is really the utterly weak sauce love interest girl. The first book mostly set up Jinnosuke’s situation so how exactly the whole series is going to play out has yet to be determined so it’s hard to make a definitive statement. However, it’s not a series that is going to win over non-fighting manga fans but people who like martial arts might want to see how it develops.

I picked up the first book of Bamboo Blade because I enjoyed what little I saw of the anime. So far the manga has followed what I saw quite closely, which is perfectly fine. The story centers around the Kendo coach who is only motivated by a bet he makes with his sempai about setting their all-girl Kendo teams against each other. Of course that would require Toraji Ishida to have an all-girls team. So begins a rather haphazard recruitment plan with energetic Kirino Chiba captain of the team that leads them straight to Tamaki. Tamaki has been studying Kendo all her life in her family’s dojo but has never considered it a fun activity. She is reluctant to join but when she witnesses bullying by some of the older students she decides she must do Kendo, FOR JUSTICE! Of the members we have met, they all play off each other perfectly. Though this manga is Kendo-based, the major theme is comedy and sort of wacky hijinx, whether or not that changes as the seires goes on, I cannot say. I hope it keeps a good mix even if the comedy starts to take second place.

Since I got a GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X and GS-9900 G-Falcon for my birthday I had to get off my duff and put it together. It is a pretty nice HG kit with good value because it essentially comes with two kits in one. After putting together the perfect grade Gundam this was a piece of cake. I finished this without breaking a sweat or making any major mistakes that required me to take things apart. The Gundam Double X has lots of moving parts so that it can active the satellite cannon. The gold plated microwave collection panels fold up, the arms have mini panels, and the twin satellite cannons swing from the back of the Gundam and snap into place on the shoulders. The only part that took me any time to figure out how to put together was the mini panels on the arms and the legs. It is one of those times where knowing Japanese would have possibly helped. But if you usually play around with the pieces you can figure out what needs to be done. In the series the G-Falcon is a support fighter that can combine with Gundam units to enhance with performance. So the G-Falcon can dock with all the other Gundam kits in the Gundam X line which is pretty nifty. The G-Falcon itself was rather simple to put together and interestingly enough had more stickers than the Gundam Double X. BTW Paula Cis is hot. No matter what SOME people might say.

Read through Sugar Sugar Rune books 5 and 6. There are many changes for the cast in these two volumes. Biggest being the declaration of love that slips during an intense moment! We can see Chocolat ever evolving into a more human type girl and this can be attributed to many factors including a general understanding of the world, new friends, and of course love. There is quite a bit of fun had at the expense of Chocolat once she gets stranded in the magical world. Also there is the renewed and better than ever friendship between Vanilla and Chocolat that is quite pleasant to see back in the forefront.

I finally got around to reading The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair. It is two Dirty Pair stories in one book. For those not in the know, the Dirty Pair revolves around trouble shooters Kei and Yuri who work the World Welfare Work Association (WWWA). Despite being beautiful and never failing a mission they are infamous due to the tremendous amount of collateral damage they cause every time. The first story involves a suspicious accident in the research labs of a heavy industries corporation and the second involves a seemingly open and shut death on a report planet. Both cases start off small but quickly show themselves to be major disasters waiting to happen. There are some difference between the anime and novel, first being that Kei is the narrator. Since the novels are told from Kei’s perspective she seems much more the star. The other major change is that the Dirty Pair have psychic powers in the novels. When Kei and Yuri are together they sometimes have flashes of insight due to clairvoyance. There are a few other minor changes like Mugi looking different, Yuri not having Nammo, and the fact that Yuri often fights with a flying killer playing card. Still the general spirit is the same in both the novels and the anime. Both involve two beautiful women blowing things up to save the universe. I think if you just want a fun quick read the first Dirty Pair novel won’t steer you wrong. Nothing about it is substantial but it’s not supposed to be.

Like I really needed an excuse to make the pic of the week Char?

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