Ongoing Investigations: Case #066

I received a copy of the first book of The Lizard Prince from CMX last week. It seems to follow in the footsteps of many of their shojo fare of late, not bad but not great and a bit forgettable.

In this short (just two books) story, we follow the misadventures of Sienna a Prince who was turned into a lizard only to have the spell (semi)broken by true love. And we and his new love Canary find out quickly he can still transform into reptilian mode though getting back to human is a bit dodgy. This is a running gag and makes up for a good portion of the incidents in the book. Woven into these frantic moments are some cute trials and growing affection between these two young members of royalty.Though they keep trying to make Canary into this tomboy princess it rarely comes through. Sienna’s kind of a weenie but very trying and sweet though he a lot more amusing in lizard form.

The humor, like the love story, is kind of just middling without really making you laugh out loud nor moving you to cheer.

There is also a one shot about a girl who is always burning hot and a boy with nice, cool hands. This story I liked a bit better than the main but that might owed to it being just a one off.

As a whole The Lizard Prince is cute but nothing that seems all that special.

With the gentle urging of a fellow Hitohira fan I finally decided to go and watch the anime. I prefer the manga but the anime is a wonderful adaptation.

Hitohira is the story of a painfully shy girl who after being roped into joining one of the two competing drama clubs learns to be more confident and peruse her dreams.

The anime captures all the powerful moments of the manga with the added force of voice acting for any of the scenes where they play is taking place. I enjoyed the manga a little more because I feel it was a tighter story. Everything happens pretty much the same they just take more time to do it in the anime.

Also Mugi Asai seems less hopeless when we spend less time with her running away from her problems. I was glad to see a bit of resolution to things that were only coming to a peak in volume three of the manga, which is the last volume of the manga that has been released in English.

The anime has a good stopping point but I know that the manga continues the story. I wish that we could finish the manga in the U.S. but I am not holding my breath until that happens.

I have been happily watching the new Saint Seiya series Lost Canvas. Though our main characters Tenma (don’t mistake him for Seiya, as this story takes place 250 years prior to the original series) and Alone are new, many others are  familiar faces but now that I really think about it, they could just look familiar as Tenma does. I know that Gold Saint Aries Shion is the same, but it’s all a little fuzzy.

In any case, there is little introduction which makes this OVA rather inaccessible for anyone looking for a point to get into the series. Being that I am already a fan, this phases me not and rather I am enjoying seeing who pops up when.

The story is really a sad one of how best friends find themselves on very opposite sides as Tenma is destined to be a Saint and Alone is to be the vessel for the revival of Hades. The episodes revolve around this revival and Hades’ army trying to destroy anything that comes in their path. Through episode 4 the focus was on Tenma and his training, realization, and then we are left on a cliffhanger as he along with Yato and Yuzuriha are in Hell searching. Episodes 5 and 6 we completely switch over to the Sanctuary and a long battle showcasing Pisces Albafica which seemed a bit out of the blue.

However, it looks like the coming episodes are back to the main story at hand.

I have been meaning to watch the Dirty Pair TV for a while now. I have always been a fan of the show from what I have seen of it. I know over the years I have watched random episodes in a wide variety of places.

Dirty Pair TV is just as fun as the OAVs. The formula is as always very simple. Kei and Yuri are troubleshooters for an intergalactic trouble shooting organization. They can solve any case but always with a tremendous amount of collateral damage. If you are looking for deep philosophy and personal growth in the Dirty Pair then you are watching the wrong show. The show is just fun and excitement with a tasteful dollop of sexy on top. Kei and Yuri have a nice banter between them like any good buddy cop series. They might always be fighting but you also always see a strong bond between them.

Episodes are fun to either marathon or just watch one at a time. Next up for me are the Dirty Pair movies.

The more volumes of Dragon Eye I complete, the more my heart sinks knowing that more than likely it will never actually be completed in Japan.

Volume 8 is mostly fighting in the tournament that is still ongoing. There are two really intense and wonderfully choreographed battles involving Hibiki in which he shows his many strengths and also a cold determination to make it through. Of course, all of these things just add up to him being a really great and quite unreadable character at times.

Also a reluctant Issa performs another amazing feat battling against a spell caster. He boasts at the beginning “5 minutes” but it is certainly a good 5 minutes. As seen before, Issa cares little about authority and much more about his squad but is put in his place much to his chagrin during this tournament.

Though some of the cliff-hangers from the last volume are wrapped up, the actual plot only comes to ahead right at the last moment.

A Certain Scientific Railgun is a fun little action show but my goodness does it have that totally blatantly silly yuri fan-service that anime have been in love with lately.

They took one of the most popular characters from A Certain Magical Index, Mikoto Misaka, and spun her off into her own series. I being a big weirdo actually liked Touma and Index but I can’t say I have any objection to watching a show about Mikoto. It is set in Academy City, that is a city mostly made of schools with students with psychic powers.

It seems to be introducing to Mikoto and her friends. We have Kuroko aggressive lesbian roommate, Kuroko’s “police partner” Ruiko, and their mutual friend Ruiko who has no powers. We are shown how the girls meet in flashbacks alongside the cases that they get involved with as two of them are part of the organization Judgment, that polices people with powers.

So far the show has had a mostly light and breezy air of fun but the end of episode 6 after the credits shows that might not be the case for long. Kuroko straddles the line between being funny and disturbing but other than that it is a fun little show. I wonder if there is going to be a larger overall story having to do with the frequently mentioned database of students. Are we slowly building up to this story or are they just going to use it to cap off the show?

There are so many great Saints to choose from, but Shion is special this week:

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