Ongoing Investigations: Case #078

Okay, so by now I don’t really need to say why we were watching Detective Conan movies, right? It is just a part of life! Why are we watching them out or order? Because we can! So began the watching of Detective Conan Movie 2: The The Fourteenth Target. It seemed to be perfect timing as Hisui started to ask me questions about Ran’s parents past and before I could add my two cents the movie starts to reveal a bit of their back story. This is the first of the earlier movies that we’ve watched with any such actual plot for the series rather than being a fun jaunt. This also has the amazing ability to make Kogoro seem cool in his day. As the pattern for the deaths is revealed things just keep escalating until a beautiful and watery finale. I have to say, the reason behind the killings is neigh impossible to figure out, but that is not to say it is an unbelievable reason, just hard to deduce.

I was recommended to watch Detective Conan Movie 2: The The Fourteenth Target as these movies can be watched in any order we decided to go back and take a look at this one. This being the fourth Conan movie I have watched, I know how to “properly” watch Detective Conan. You would almost never be able to guess the motive of the killer; they never give you enough information to figure that out in any movie I have seen so far. In this movie I was able to deduce who the killer was and I think that is what you should be aiming for if you attempt to solve the mystery like I do. The movie itself starts with various people that Kogoro Mouri having attempts made on their lives. At the scene of the crime there is a clue left that ties into a playing card motif. But of course like any good card trick there is more to all of it than meets the eye. Overall it was a solid Conan movie. The last action sequence at the end was fairly epic as a Detective Conan movie ending should be.

I had the chance to play through a good amount of Mega Man 10 as Proto Man on Easy Mode. The game is unsurprisingly a lot of fun, especially thanks to the less-frustrating-but-still-not-always-easy Easy Mode. However, the real enjoyment comes from the quirky stages and bosses of which my favorites include Strike Man with a baseball motif and Sheep Man with static electricity power! Though unfortunately Sheep Man’s power that you gain kind of sucks because of its terrible accuracy and execution. But for the most part all the others work well and have that element of innovation present. There is a lot of fun attached to this game and it lends itself to people (me!) who may not be good at Mega Man games.

I made a guest appearance on the Otaku in Review Podcast entitled Sleeping with Hisui. The podcast starts with me talking about how the blog gets its name just in case you have never heard the story. We then move into talking about what they are watching. I talked about Future Police Urashiman; Jon Ingoglia mentions Tears to Tiara; and Scott Spaziani rounds it out with Sora no Woto and his mixed feelings about the show. As some point I go into a little rant about Gundam Unicorn not having a DVD release. I thought I brought up some good points but Scott had some poignant counter arguments. Jon talks about various anime related iPhone apps after. We then wrapped up the podcast with my worst panel experiences and general panel philosophy. We covered an eclectic but interesting number of subjects and I don’t think I rambled on as much as I usually do.

I finally got around to read Pluto volumes 2-7 and so I say if you haven’t read it, why not? It is gripping and I’m practically chomping at the bit to read the final volume! Perhaps then I will have collected all my thoughts on the subject. For right now, I want to emphasize this chilling effect the series has which I feel stems from how ordinary everyone looks. There is also a lot of political commentary in the series that I wasn’t expecting, but this isn’t to its detriment as I feel Tezuka often liked to have Atom make people consider present circumstances by using the future. Pluto is a fascinating work and I am looking forward to see how it all wraps up.

Since you can watch it on Hulu I decided to check out Spice and Wolf. It is nowhere near as boring as people who dislike it made it out to be but nowhere near as divine as its biggest supporters would have you believe. I found it an enjoyable and unique show that was well worth my time. Kraft and Holo have a pleasant chemistry and banter well off each other. I did immediately notice how Holo’s odd sort of haughty but playful nature could turn people off to the show instantly. The most interesting thing to me was the plots related to their trading missions. I found it to be lively and their negotiating tactics were often quite clever. But it was not all just haggling, there were fights, politics, and espionage; lots to keep you pumped up inbetween the character interaction and the economics. Most of all it is just not a premise you see all the time which is always refreshing and that earns it points in my book.

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