UPDATE: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Nickname Guide

So Legend of the Galactic Heroes has an epic cast of over 600 named characters, and even more problematic is that many of their names are insanely long and complex. So we decided to throw all that out, and it really became a fun game to find all these people memorable and easy to recall nicknames. This list will be updated as we review each part and new characters rise in prominence.

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Nickname Guide

    • reversethieves says:

      It’s funny. About half way through the show we realized we never gave Julian a nick name despite the fact that he was an important character. So we decided that Julian’s nick name would just be Julian. It made us laugh enough that the idea stuck.

      – Hisui

      Man you make is seem like Julian is the 2nd coming of Lynn Kaifun. No one is a big a jerk as Lynn Kaifun. :)

      – Hisui

      • ghostlightning says:

        Julian isn’t a jerk, not at all. He is in fact PERFECT. Seriously, without sarcasm he has no flaws, and therein lies the problem I feel.

        I feel that I’m being sold an otherwise likable character but there’s just too much going on for him at the expense of the other galactic heroes.

        Maybe if the legend itself was narrated by Julian and it was his own record of history being told it might work… as it kind of does for the John Dunbars, Nathan Algrens, or even Jake Sullys of the galaxy. But still this legend isn’t really his story at all, but too many times I kind of feel that it’s his own particular coming of age (coming into awesomeness) story where the likes of Reinhard and Wenli are background/supporting cast members.

        Julian isn’t a jerk. Kaifun was.

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