The Sore Feet Song: Mushishi MMF Podcast

hisuiconThe Movable Manga Feast is a project started by David of the The Manga Curmudgeon. Once a month a different manga that needs some attention is highlighted and over the course of a week everyone participating writes an article about the title in question. It is called a Movable Manga Feast because every month a different person is in charge of aggregating all the articles for the MMF. This month’s topic was Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara. You can read our contribution to the MMF here. Ed Sizemore of Comics Worth Reading was the host who decided to cap off his turn by having a podcast with some of the participants reflecting on Mushshi. I sadly went on without Narutaki since he was feeling a little under the weather. Along with Ed, David, and I was Linda from Animemiz, Daniella from All About Manga, and Johanna from Comics Worth Reading. We had a lively and stimulating discussion about the franchise.

April Manga Moveable Feast Roundtable – Mushishi


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