The New Adventures of Samurai Deeper Ichigo

Haha! I am a powerful villain. I defeated Ichigo. Look at him have to run away. Now look how I take out these side characters.

Arrrg! We are defeated!

Hoho! I am back and now I have a new power!

Your new power cannot stop me Samurai Deeper Ichigo!

But you are already defeated!

What are you talking about Samurai Deeper Ichigo? Your heart is weak!

You can do it Samurai Deeper Ichigo! I believe in you!


NOOOOOO!!! Your new power is too much Samurai Deeper Ichigo!

hisuiconI have enjoyed Bleach for several years now but he problem is that I have felt that the manga’s popularity has led to some padding in the manga. Due to this padding the series has truly fell into a very familiar pattern. A pattern in the same vein of the infamous shonen Samurai Deeper Kyo. One of the main problems with Samurai Deeper Kyo was Kyo never progressed as a character. Most of the time he would simply declare that he had gotten stronger and then he would use a new attack and win. The thing is  Samurai Deeper Kyo is so bad it is entertaining but Bleach has had some grace to its fights and to Ichigo’s progresses. When he leveled up you felt like he had changed as a person as well. Ichigo had to work for it and it showed in the fights. I no longer feel this is the case. I am still entertained enough to buy graphic novels without regrets but I just wanted to use these new mini posts to get that feeling off my chest.


10 thoughts on “The New Adventures of Samurai Deeper Ichigo

  1. Anatole_serial says:

    In a somewhat shocking comparison, the opposite is true for another Shonen Jump title: Naruto!

    Since the start of the series, Naruto as a character has HAD to grow in order to learn more abilities. He went from hot-headed prankster to… Well, I don’t know what to call it exactly, but he’s become increasingly level-headed. Every new power he learns, he also learns something new about his life, his world and his own self. He changes dramatically every time he trains and learns something new.

    Heck, he defeats one opponent merely by TALKING TO HIM.

    That is what keeps me reading the manga: Naruto, as a character, just keeps growing, both in strength and depth.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well Naruto in general annoys me but that is neither here nor there.

      What you mention is what I want Bleach to go back to. I have felt for a long time there was a general plot progression in Bleach that was being followed. An outline. It might have been nor more than two pages but there was some semblance of where the plot was headed. But I distinctly feel the the plot has gotten padded out and it shows IMHO.

      – Hisui

  2. Daryl Surat says:

    Hot spoilers after this point:

    This is a stock convention of shonen action/adventure storytelling arcs. The most visible example is DBZ since it’s broken up in the US by “saga,” but I usually lay the “blame” for it on Kinnikuman. I don’t have any evidence for this. I just blame Kinnikuman for all the failures of shonen action/adventure and praise Fist of the North Star for all the strengths. This tactic of mine is working out pretty nicely so far.

    • sdshamshel says:

      The big difference with Kinnikuman is that much of the series is so out-there that winning because of the power of friendship in Kinnikuman looks almost nothing like it does in any other Shounen manga.

      If it’s a case of mangaka taking the wrong lessons from Kinnikuman though, that might be more believable.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well Bleach has been using the shonen jump formula ala DBZ way before my general complaint. The problem is that the formula is no where near as elegantly pulled off as it was before.

      In a way it is the difference between learning two people are friends by the context of their actions and being told “THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRIENDS”. One is good story telling and one is clumsy story telling. I sadly feel that Bleach has been moving towards the second from of storytelling which is a darn shame.

      – Hisui

  3. Lothos says:

    I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Pretty much since the Gotei 13 vs Aizen and Co. it’s been pretty much just a new power reveal after another for everyone involved. Some of which is fine since there were a lot of characters we hadn’t really seen fight. Aizen’s also starting to annoy the hell out of me. He was a pretty cool villain for awhile, even with the hard to believe “I planned it all 100000 years ago” stuff.

    • reversethieves says:

      Aizen game of “I know that you know that I know that you know” has got sort of tiring. Also he seems to have more transformations that all of the Generation 1 transformers combined.

      I really get the feeling that some editor whole job at Shonen Jump is to come up with new ways for Tite Kubo to stretch out the manga from the original vision. Hopefully this arc will wrap up soon and we can get to what I assume will be the final arc or at least the penultimate arc.

      – Hisui

  4. mikeydpirate says:

    One thing that annoys me about Bleach is what you touched on in your second line of dialog for the post. There are tons of secondary characters but they don’t do anything. They get some sort of power up but then get slap in the face. Rewatching DBZ by Kai and I noticed the same thing but the problem is that I like characters like Chad a lot. So it pains me that he gets a power up only to get slapped to the side.

    Though I have noticed that Ichigo’s recent powerups feel empty. He just gets them and case close.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well I sort of accept the trope of the always second place characters and their role in the story. But they remain interesting and their fights are usually better so I do not mind it as much but I can see where your frustration is coming from.

      But Ichigo’s recent boring powerups and fights are the exact reason I wrote this post. Bleach was never “high art” or “super smart” shonen fighting. You go for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Kekkaishi for smarter battles. But is had a fun simpleness. Now I feel like they are killing time. Which makes me sad.

      – Hisui

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