The True Main Character of UC Gundam

hisuiconIf someone were to ask a Gundam fan who was the main character of the Universal Century series of Gundam two names pop into most people’s minds. They would either answer Amuro Ray or Char Aznable. They are both iconic characters of the series and have an enormous influence on the Universal Century time line. But neither character is in Gundam Double Zeta and their deaths in Char’s Counter Attack make it hard (but possibly not impossible) for them to participate in Gundam Unicorn. A more savvy Gundam fan might realize that Bright Noah  has been in every major Universal Century TV series and movie. But he always been a supporting cast member and never rose to prominence as a main character.  In fact there is one character for all of the first leg of the Universal Century time line can be a backdrop for their story.

I purpose that Mineva Lao Zabi is the true star of Gundam. Her history starts in Mobile Suit Gundam as the One Year War starts to head towards its inevitable conclusion.  As the Battle of Solomon quickly turned south for the Zeon it forces Dozle Zabi to evacuate his family and make his last stand. This act would give his wife and daughter a chance to escape and soon find themselves the only surviving members of the Zabi family.  Mineva appears again in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam as a puppet of Haman Karn. She is clearly uncomfortable in her position but is trapped in the role as  the only remaining link to the Zabi legacy. We eventually discover that the Mineva in Double Zeta in a body double leading to the question of where did the original go. In Char’s Counter Attack we have an offhanded reference to  Haman and Mineva from Char as leader of the Second Neo Zeon movement. But finally she come to due prominence in Gundam Unicorn. It seems that since Zeta Gundam Mineva had been protected by various Zeon holdouts until she reemerged with the the Sleeves going by the name of Audrey Burn. Here she finally transcends to main character status as she tries to prevent the Laplace Box from falling into the wrong hands. She has played a major role in every step of the conflict between the Federation and Zeon.

While I am being slightly facetious by calling Mineva the main character of the Universal Century I do think that she has a unique place in the history of Gundam. Her growth can be seen over the course of the series and her fate seems bonded by blood to that of the Zeon movement that defines half of Gundam. The history of the first Gundam universe is the history of  Mineva Lao Zabi and vice versa.

6 thoughts on “The True Main Character of UC Gundam

  1. Daryl Surat says:

    I have no idea what cartoon you are watching where Mineva Zabi somehow has ever had “main character” status who has played “a major role” in every Federation vs Zeon conflict whereas Bright Noah has not. Bright Noah’s actions have LITERALLY decided the outcomes of every single major Federation vs Zeon conflict with the exception of Operation Stardust. I don’t even have to make any logical leaps because there he is, right there on the front lines.

    If we accept the premise that Mineva Zabi’s character growth and fate is tethered to the Zeon movement that comprises half of Gundam, then so too must we accept that Bright Noah’s progression is directly affected by the Federation side that comprises the other half.

  2. reversethieves says:

    But everyone thinks of Bright Noah so I did not feel like writing a mini article about him. It’s half my blog so I can write about whoever I want.

    Plus Bright is the eternal support character. Mineva Zabi is a bit player or a pawn most of her life but she rises to main character status in Unicorn. Bright is always in the background. He is the most universal face of the Federation but never manages to break through to be the star of a show. So using my arbitrary rule system he does not get to be named the main character of the Universal Century.

    Plus he married Mirai and fathered Hathaway. Those are two major strikes against him.

    – Hisui

  3. G says:

    Daryl Surat might start foaming at the mouth at this post about nerd minutia but here we go… Char was originally going to be in ZZ until Tomino and gang got the CCA green light. At which time they brought back Glemy Toto to play the final antagonist in the series. Also holding to the fact that ZZ was never ment to be a stand alone series but only changed to be one when it became apparent that it was so different from Zeta.
    I don’t think you can call Bright Noah the main character of UC Gundam because while he’s there in most events there’s still F91 and Victory and he never really drives the story foreword.

    There is no main character of UC as a whole. If it’s anyone it’s Haro.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well in the first drafts Mineva, Amuro, and Emma were supposed to be much more important as well. The original Gundam ZZ would have been a very very different animal and changed UC is ways we cannot imagine.

      Bright Noah is super important but he is always playing a support character to someone else. He is the eternal workhorse but never the star. Plus everyone knows Bright Noah’s role as the eternal captain. I wanted to focus on Mineva becuase it is easy to forget she has been in all the major iterations of Pre-F91 Gundam.

      Natruatki will always support the Haro has the main character of Gundam theory. This I know for a fact.

      – Hisui

  4. Daryl Surat says:

    Bright fathering Hathaway is indeed a terrible sin. But he atones for this sin by KILLING HATHAWAY.

    Also, my question is with regards to your ridiculous claim that Mineva has “main character status” in Gundam Unicorn. She has “Relena in Gundam Wing” status, if anything. Nor do I think Bright has “main character status.” I’m just saying that if you’re going to apply that crazy-as-Hell logic, then apply it across the board!

    • reversethieves says:

      Yeah but he had Hathaway executed on accident. He knowingly had sex with Mirai. That makes all the difference.

      LOOK. I wanted to talk about the cute red headed girl whose pseudonym is a nod to one of the greatest actress of all time. I wanted to look at how she grew up of the course of the UC time line and is now a main character in Unicorn. So I picked a title that would get people’s attention. I am perfectly willing to admit I talk about cute red headed girls becuase I like cute red headed girls.

      Also “Relena in Gundam Wing” status is a low blow sir. Very bellow the belt. There is no reason to go there. That is political attack add tactics right there.

      Oh and Bight Noah is a second banana. Always has been and always will be. That is why Judau and the Junkyard Kids pelt him with oranges.

      See two can play at this game.

      – Hisui

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