Reverse Thieves 2011 Mission Statement: Be Even More Awesome

As always the year just seems to fly by once the holidays hit. There have been big changes in 2010 for Reverse Thieves, but know that we always have more ideas up our sleeves. We’ve started a couple of new article series, but really expect them to take flight over 2011. No Case Too Small is an attempt to bring more detective related material to the blog. While technically we are just detective-themed, we do indeed love mystery series and want to bring more of that coverage than ever before. Our Otaku NYC pieces are just a fun bunch of articles aimed at anyone coming to the area or even those who live here. Hopefully we will alert people to well-known places but also a few surprises now and again, expect to see stores and food among other things talked about. Also, we are also jumping into the fray, we are trying an episodic review of the upcoming winter show Gosick. And finally, the revival of Manga of the Month begins in January! Since we are posting more solo articles, Final Denouement is taking an extended vacation. 2011 is going to be another big year for Reverse Thieves!

We are also making some big changes to the Speakeasy podcast as well. First and foremost is that for our 1 year anniversary I decided to upgrade to some real recording equipment. Up until now we had been using the most generic and basic Logitech USB desktop microphone with no other audio equipment. I upgraded our microphone to a Blue Yeti microphone and got a Belkin TuneStudio portable digital multitrack recorder mixer. I don’t know how much of a difference this equipment will improve our audio quality but I am making steps towards improvement. The mixer is portable so we might start doing live podcasts from conventions as well. If all goes well I might get a compressor down the line, too. We are also looking into bringing on guests to the show. Narutaki and I wanted to run the podcast for at least a year without guests to set a tone for the podcast. But if you have any guests you would like to see on the podcast or would like to be a guest yourself just leave a comment and we will see what we can do. Other than that we are always open to suggestions and feedback about the website and the podcast. We hope to entertain and inform our fellow anime and manga fans next year even more than ever.

5 thoughts on “Reverse Thieves 2011 Mission Statement: Be Even More Awesome

  1. Justin says:

    Oh god. If you guys get more awesomer, you’re going to crush our blog by April. Please, stay where are you. And no upgrades!!!

    Anyways, Happy New Year to Reverse Thieves! Happy New Year to Hisui and Narutaki!

    • reversethieves says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I wish you and your the best of luck in the new year.

      The great thing about the Internet is that there are enough readers and interest you are not necessarily fighting for resounds but working together to build a community. So no one had to crush anyone else.

      But if it comes down to bloodthirsty competition I always put my money on Narutaki. Always. Raoh from Fist of the North Star is based on her for a reason.

      – Hisui

  2. hoshiko says:

    Oh cool, you’ll be doing an episodic review of Gosick. I’m planning to watch that series too.

    Anyways, Happy New Year to Reverse Thieves, and I wish you all have a great 2011. Hope to read more good stuff from you guys.

    P.S Would you guys be doing any special projects such as Otaku Diaries?

    • reversethieves says:

      We decided to try and see what episodic blogging was like with a detective series. It seemed only appropriate.

      Thank you for you holiday wishes. I hope that fortune favors you in the new year as well.

      We are planning some sort of project this year. Narutaki just got back from an exhilarating but exhausting vacation. When she recovers a bit we will probably star work on our next project and starting taking applications for volunteers after that. I think we are going to look at women in fandom but do not quote me on that.

      – Hisui

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