Gosick #006: Cold Case Files


A stolen plate is a harbinger of bad omens to come. Soon after, Kazuya finds a mysterious ad in the paper calling all the gray wolves home. Victorique reacts strongly to the news and later Kazuya finds her trying to sneak off the school grounds. She insists on its importance so he insists to come along as her protector.

The Case

As usual, each mystery starts the same as Victorique solves a case with the bare bones clues. Beyond that a greater mystery is looming but is actually about the past and excitingly it involves Victorique’s history. Surrounding this are a whole bunch of new characters or should I say potential suspects including a nun, some brothers, and the promise of an entire town to come. Though much like the first mystery, the characters come at you quickly and don’t feel very solid. Once again the action is taking place somewhere after a trip so while we see characters from school like Avril at the beginning, we don’t learn much. I was pleased to see further development between Kazuya and Victorique even if it is a petty argument though him giving her the hat was cute.

hisuiconThere is only one real case in this episode: the missing plate. It is less a matter of figuring out who is the thief and more deducing how they stole the plate. The case is mainly there to introduce the thief.  It seems that the rumor about her being a gray wolf is not actually a superstition like all the other stories about her. The main mystery is with Victorique’s mother and Victorique’s mysterious past. This murder her mother supposedly committed is the reason she is currently locked away on campus as her father considers her a cursed child. It is also the reason that Victorique’s mother has gone missing. When Kazuya and Victorique reach the town they arrive at the same time as 3 brothers and a nun. The question is how will this people figure in the events in this bizarre village in the mountains and do any of them have anything to do with the murder that took place here years ago? It is going to take some serious Cold Case Files detective work to solve this murder but that is  a good challenge for a Holmesian level detective.

Final Thoughts

I was surprised to see so much ground covered in this episode. We have returned to a story that I already know the details of so it’s more a matter of seeing how they interpret them on screen again. I’m more than anything wondering if they can make me like this story more than the book which I felt had many problems to be discussed later.

hisuiconWhile Kazuya and Victorique have a bit of a fight at the beginning of the episode that leads to them not talking to each other for most of the episode. By the end of the Victorique has opened up a bit and shared some of her past and her motivations. It was nice to see them getting a little closer together and sharing pieces of themselves they had kept hidden. In a rare difference I think that the anime actually captured a bit of Kazuya and Victorique’s chemistry a little better than the original book did. How long this continues has yet to be seen. This is the part of the episode review where I mention what they changed from the original like the fanboy I am. First of all the magician was not in the light novel. I assume he is a character from a later book that they decided to introduce a bit earlier. Since I have never read anything about this character I can’t say how important those missing books will turn out to be. The other big change is that in the carriage up to the town we get a good deal of conversation with the three brothers establishing their characters. In the anime we only know their names and nothing else. So far they have not really messed up any of the adaption of this book so I am looking forward to see this rest of this arc and what changes it brings.

2 thoughts on “Gosick #006: Cold Case Files

  1. hoshiko says:

    I thought the first part of the episode was cute. The hat, the fall and the forehead. Haha. Anyways, I guess from hereon I’ll know more about Victorique and her mother. This could get interesting. But how does the missing plate tie in to the village from which Victorique’s mom was from?

    • reversethieves says:

      I don’t want to go too much into it but the plate, the nun, the brothers, and all that really will only come up in the next episode. Right now you don’t really have any clues.

      – Hisui

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