Gosick #008: Dear Seyrun, Don’t Soak Your Buildings in Lamp Oil

Victorique came to her mother’s village to solve mysteries and chew bubblegum but bubblegum would not be invented by Walter Diemer for another 4 years. Therefore Victorique must solve murders from the past and present while uncovering the motives of the various parties in town. But when the detective brings the light of justice to this town will the guilty go quietly to face justice? I think not.

The Case

Victorique comes out of the gate swinging as she solves the death of the two brothers and uncovers the motive of the killer. This gives Grevil a chance to swoop in a show that he is not totally useless thereby sealing the deal that he is Gosick’s Kogoro Mori. She then determines Grevil’s connection the redheaded nun and what she is actually doing here in the first place. Victorique then completes her hat trick with the real who, what, when, where, and why of the incident surrounding her mother. The killer is very obvious so the real question comes down to how was Cordelia framed. The explanation was distinctly weaker than it was in the book but that is par for the course in the anime. Overall I remember being disappointed by the fact that the murders int he past and present are completely unrelated. I think it would have been infinitely more satisfying to have it all connected.  Que Sera, Sera.

Final Thoughts

They really need to get some fire proofing standards in this crazy town because the houses go up like everyone was trying to collect insurance money. The secret of the mysterious village is pretty crazy but even in the book there is no real foreshadowing of the surprise. But it does not really tie into any of the mysteries. It is mostly just an odd plot point. The fight on the bridge was a mixture of silly and exciting and provides Kazuya with his contract required fight scene per story. I noticed that he has a nasty habit of showing up unarmed to fights were people have weapons. This is not a healthy policy. Ambrose throws in at the end and might just secure a place as  a reoccurring character especially if Brian Roscoe comes up again. The magician and Cordelia showing up at the end was a totally anime original scene. Overall the anime adaption did little to help what was so far the weakest of the Gosick stories. After this point we are totally in unknown country to me so we shall see how that affects my opinion of the stories without the novels to compare them to.


2 thoughts on “Gosick #008: Dear Seyrun, Don’t Soak Your Buildings in Lamp Oil

  1. hoshiko says:

    Overall, I like how the mystery played out. I actually liked the explanation of how the event, as in the murder of Theodore, took place. I just didn’t like the motive. I literally laughed at it.

    Towards the end of this episode, I can’t help but wonder
    1) Is Gosick a supernatural show? Cuz in previous episodes, supernatural elements were logically and rationally explained. But the fact that Cordelia showed up with the magician, I don’t really know what to think.

    2) Where was everyone else when Victorique was desperately trying to save Kujo from falling? It makes no sense that no one came to help her. I would have expect Ambrose to lend a helping hand, really.

    • reversethieves says:

      The crime that has no name (Book 2) has been the weakest story I have read so far. But the first Gosicks books seemed fine so I am curious how the next story goes.

      1. I think maybe the Magician and Cordelia are more likely to be spies than sorcerers. I assume anything they they have done that seems magical was done with either slight of hand or good intelligence work.

      But the most consistently magical aspect of Gosick seems to be fortune tellers and prophecy. Nothing else is magical but so far all the fortune tellers have been spot on.

      2. I would have to check the novel again but I think maybe Ambrose helps pull Kujo up once everyone realizes that Kujo nearly fell to his death and Victorique is barely holding on to him. But it has been awhile since I read the novel.

      – Hisui

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