Blogging, Podcasting, and Playing for Japan

Relief efforts are in high gear from all over the world while Japan holds its breath as they watch the nuclear reactor and brace for continued aftershocks throughout the country. The fan communities of anime, manga, and video games have been coming out in droves to give back. More and more causes are popping up all the time.

The newly started Anime and Manga Bloggers For Japan page is a gathering place for encouraging donations to Doctors Without Borders and Shelter Box. They are about 70% towards their goals and hopefully can exceed them. We are joining the call and you can too by simply posting to get the word out on your own blog. Over at IGN they are taking pledges for their 24-hour marathon of Japanese video games taking place right now. And The 24-hour Anime Fans Give Back to Japan podcast has already raised more than $7000 before the show begins on Saturday. We will be at 8:30AM on Sunday chatting it up and showing our support.

Remember, every little bit helps!

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