Gosick #010: The Blue-Handed League

Kazuya has been abducted like he was Princess Peach but his kidnappers might not be as sinister as we suspect. While Kazuya knows that there are foul deeds afoot at the Jiangtan department store he needs solid evidence of wrongdoing to stop their heinous operation. Victorique has a plan to make all the pieces of the puzzle com together and shine a light on the truth.

The Case

This isn’t so much a whodunnit as it is a how-do-we-get-evidence-they-did-it mystery. Of course, since it is just Kazuya and Grevil, not the most competent of people, this is more of a challenge. But to their credit, it looks very dramatic in the end. However, I was disappointed that Kazuya didn’t get to use his physical skills when there was a perfect opportunity for him to. Kazuya’s good nature serves him well in this episode as he performs what all amateur sleuths need to, make strangers trust you.

Thankfully they decided to wrap this story up in two episodes. The case itself is simple and thankfully was not dragged out for three episodes. We know that Jiangtan department store is behind the art smuggling and missing girls in the area as well as the fact that the manager is the mastermind. So the only question is how they can prove that is all going on. Kazuya has enough evidence due to the people he has helped to convince Grevil that he is telling the truth but they need a good sting to get the definitive evidence. Victorique does her part and comes up with a visually inventive method of ferreting out where to look for answers. We also get a little fight scene as apparently the blond secretary is also a master martial artist but that is over as quickly it began. When everything comes together and the girls are freed and the treasures are recovered Kazuya and Grevil pick the worst test for the authenticity of a diamond imaginable. You guys know that the standard test for seeing if a diamond is real is trying to cut glass with it. It is much safer.

Final Thoughts

I found it weird at the end when people were wondering if the buyers were demons, uh, no, it is the white slave trade not the supernatural. But then again everyone in the country is eager to jump to the superstitious conclusion. One other very exciting thing happens in this episode, we meet the magician again. And he has a rather familiar name, seeing how he ties in is of great interest to me.

I was correct in thinking that the only reason that Grevil was avoiding the superintendent was due to a woman. Clearly Jacqueline and Grevil have some preestablished relationship and since they keep bringing up Grevil and Victorique’s relationship I am sure she will appear again when we delve into the de Blois family history. I also think Hoshiko was correct and the marks on Victorique’s hands were the blisters she got from saving Kazuya. The best part of the whole episode was clearly the revelation behind Grevil’s hairstyle. It was hysterical and gave us some insight into Victorique and Kazuya as apparently he is the only person who can ask for her services without having to pay a ghastly price in return. The most interesting tidbit was the red-headed magician is Bryan Roscoe thereby only solidifying him appearing again in a major role. I do wonder if his cameo was an anime only affair like it has been in the past. The title of the next episode does make me wonder if we will jump right to Jacqueline and Grevil’s relationship as it is titled “The Drill Speaks Eloquently of Love” although I see something online about a special episode as well.

Gosick 11 will be delayed a week again.

2 thoughts on “Gosick #010: The Blue-Handed League

  1. hoshiko says:

    Ah…I really thought Kazuya was abducted by some really mean people but it turns out to be otherwise. I wonder how did the girl manage to get out without being detected.

    The reason behind Grevil’s hairstyle – that was hilarious. Never saw that coming. I’m definitely interested in seeing how Bryan Roscoe fits into the story and what exactly is Jacqueline’s relationship with Grevil.

    • reversethieves says:

      How the girl (who seems an awful lot like Anastasia) escaped might have been mentioned in the original book but either way I guess you have to assume she used mad Solid Snake skills to escape using a cardboard box. If that was cut out it would be one of the few times where a cut was actually a decent decision. Narutaki and I were more interested in how despite only having the clothing on the back she was able to hire a carriage.

      I am assuming that Bryan Roscoe and Cordelia Gallo turn out to be spies and the last story involves a mission of theirs that goes wrong but we shall see. I also assume that Jacqueline is either Grevil’s fiancee or at least somewhat interested in him.

      – Hisui

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