Gosick #011: Matthew 5:13 sounds really awkward out of context.

The recently introduced Jacqueline is coming to Saint Marguerite Academy to donate books for the library but her luggage accidentally gets swapped with a similar case of salesman wares. Grevil takes it upon himself to get the proper luggage back to their owners. At the same time Jacqueline meets Victorique and Kazuya triggering the story of her connection to Grevil and the relationships between them all.

The Case

Well, to be honest there isn’t much of a mystery this time around despite the fairly common premise of two people accidentally switching bags/suitcase/what-have-you which I thoroughly enjoy so was a little disappointed when it didn’t come to anything. Instead, we get an exploration of back story involving Grevil leading off from a few hints in the last episode. It actually quite changed my opinion of Grevil. We also see a glimpse of Victorique’s past and father, but are left with more questions than anything else. With an episode title like “That Drill Eloquently Speaks of Love,” you know great things are about to occur.

Technically there is a minor murder mystery. We learn that the one time Grevil directly came for help from Victorique it was to help exonerate Jacqueline but they pretty much solve the case as they explain it so there is little chance for you to puzzle over how it was done.  But it was hardly the most complicated mystery so that is for the best. The main point of the episode is to explore Jacqueline, Grevil, and Victorique’s relationship and learn a bit more about the three of them. We get some insights into why  Grevil and Victorique act they way they do and why there is a bit more depth to the tension between them than just silliness. It also shows that Grevil is more than a buffoon and a gag character and that he is a major hottie when he does not have a ridiculous hair style.

Final Thoughts

More than anything else this episode was a character drama, one that I quite enjoyed. The interactions between each of the cast become more clear; and I realized how much I already knew about each personality but there were still surprises in store. I must admit my first reaction to Jacqueline was to think she was a psycho stalker or some such, so her story with Grevil really threw me in a good way. My heart really broke for Grevil in this episode. This family of Victorique’s is terribly interesting, it’s really hard to pin down exactly what goes on but new hints arise and we may even seen her father showing up soon. Bizarre is good, but I just don’t want it to be too bizarre. Random note, this was the first single episode story so it was a nice break.

This was a nice little character piece. A compact story properly paced in one episode. They mostly only played lip service to the mystery part of the show but since they have been fouling that up it is nice to see them put that to the side. We get more of a feeling of why Victorique is the standoffish person she is and why her friendship and romance with Kazuya is so important. I feel that they are clearly setting up Victorique’s father to either be an antagonist or at least a major player in a later mystery. Apparently this episode was a short story from the second Gosicks collection so I think that the next episode will be another short story as well from Summer From the Disappearing Train especially considering the next episode takes place on a train. At this pace I am sure they will be able to adapt all the books by the end of the season. I do have to say without the original story to compare these to I think I am a little more lenient because I don’t know what I am missing out on. Maybe that is for the best. If and when I ever read the manga and light novels I think my opinion of the stories will go up as opposed to judging their adaptions for what they are not.


2 thoughts on “Gosick #011: Matthew 5:13 sounds really awkward out of context.

  1. hoshiko says:

    I thought there will be a case when the trunks were switched so I am too a little disappointed.

    Anyways, this episode made me see Grevil in new light. Who would’ve thought he’s actually a nice guy. It also showed how Victorique has changed since then. Or maybe I should say since she met Kujo. Good to see Gosick takes time to develop the characters like this.

    • reversethieves says:

      I think they psyched out everyone but having the switched trunks be a total red herring.

      I thought it was interesting that they imply that Grevil was right douche bag to Victorique in the past treating her almost as worthless as their dad did. It makes their low level animosity make much more sense. We see now they actually get along MUCH better then they used to.

      – Hisui

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