Gosick #012: This reminds me of a puzzle!

Summer vacation has come while most students are going home or going on holiday, Victorique is stuck on an empty campus. Kazuya has the choice between spending a month with Victorique or staying with Avril in a fancy house on the Mediterranean. Will Kazuya and Victorique’s typical bickering convince him to go on a beach side adventure or will he stay with his grumpy but lonesome companion?

The Case

So, no mystery, no case. This is a very calm and low-key episode that furthers the relationship between Victorique and Kazuya. And what a complicated pair they are, no surprise this episode is riddled with little spats between the two. To balance it out though we see quiet moments as well as some mild realizations as well. One of the big selling points of the series is these two’s interactions, so I certainly don’t mind that being at the forefront. On the other hand, I wish they would have used this time to hint at more of Victorique’s past but the trade-off is seeing some of Kuazya’s family life.

This the first episode without anything close to a mystery. The most we get are riddles traded back and forth between Kazuya’s intellectual older brother and Victorique. It is not the new Professor Layton anime but if they ever made a video game of Gosick then one part of the game would surely be a riddle exchange. Unsurprisingly Kazuya decides to stay with Victorique so most of the episode is them getting closer over summer vacation without a murder or crime ring to get in the way. We see them both opening up a bit more about their rhythms and quirks and learning to coexist. We get some cute exchanges like Victorique and Kazuya reading under the tree and tea time with Victorique in her kimono. If the last episode was an exploration of the dynamic of Victorique’s family than this is an examination of the Kazuya household. Unsurprisingly Kazuya was a mama’s boy who combined with his father’s stern militarily attitude and his brother’s accomplishments in the physical and mental realms has left him with a distinct inferiority complex. It seems that Kazuya left home to get out from other his family’s shadow and his somewhat oppressive family dynamic. Most importantly in this episode we learn that Kazuya regularly reads Monthly Hooligan Magazine.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to take a moment and learn a bit about the characters, though I will say the previous episode was more compelling in its execution. Here we have a much more meandering quality. I must say, I found the answer to the log riddle poor. How in the world would they walk down a mountain in a triangle formation? But I digress.

I was happy to see them pull off a satisfying episode but I want some juicy murders in the next episode now that we have had some downtime. If nothing else this episode clearly sets ups a confrontation between Avril and Victorique now that Avril knows she has been blown off for a mysterious woman. I don;t think Avril is going to let Kazuya go without a bit of a fight. I am also curious if we will say anymore of Kazuya’s family. Victorique’s family will surely appear again but I cannot say the same for Kazuya’s relatives. Then again his sister visiting is not out of the question. My question is where is the disappearing train from the book entitled Summer from the Disappearing Train? Apparently the next episode goes right in the 4th book without any train related mystery. I know that Natutaki was gravely disappointed by that development. Maybe they will shift that story to later in the series. Until then onto A Fool Represents the Case.

2 thoughts on “Gosick #012: This reminds me of a puzzle!

  1. hoshiko says:

    Another week without a case. I’m a little disappointed. Still, I’m happy that Gosick took time to explore the two main characters, giving the audience a little bit more background about them. Perhaps it’ll help us understand the characters a little bit better.

    I was wondering the same thing as well – just how those three are able to carry those logs down the hill in that formation. Walking on a straight line would be tough as it is.

  2. reversethieves says:

    I think it is one of those puzzles where the solution is supposed to be clever more than practical. It is about thinking outside the box. It sort of reminds me of the cheese cutting puzzle in Umineko.

    “How many (straight) cuts does it take to divide a big cheese into 8 pieces with a knife?”

    Everybody thought it was just 3 times, but Battler and Erika found out that it could be done with a single cut: If the “big cheese” was actually a “big cheese slice” (like American cheese), then you can just fold it 6 times like this /\/\/\/ and cut a straight line through the center.

    – Hisui

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