Gosick #014: Mystery Solvers Club

Now that Avril and Victorique have finally met it seems a game of both romance and mystery is afoot. Several people have died in the exact same way in the clock tower and Kazuya is warned that it is all connected to a history the country of Saubure would rather keep quiet. And what does the increasing sinister Bryan Roscoe have to do with all of this?

The Case

The most fun and intriguing mystery yet continues on in this episode. We even learn a little more about Saubure’s faux-European history. However, we don’t really get that much further in the mystery in this installment instead going into more character based things. Everyone’s, minus Victorique, obsession with the supernatural is at the forefront further so it is enjoyable to see Victorique dispel bits of it. The scene with the rose trick and subsequent hilariously awkward conversation with Arvil highlights this nicely. Both girls’ relationship with each other as well as Kazuya is put on display. And finally Victorique and Brian Roscoe come face to face!

We get more clues as to what might have happened with Leviathan the Alchemist and how that ties into all the deaths since then but I still feel we are missing puzzle pieces that we will not get until the third episode. Clearly if Grevil is telling Kazuya to keep Victorique away from the truth this must be connected to something sinister. I was on the money that Kai Wong was poisoned and apparently several other people have died the same way in the clock tower. The question is why do people keep dying the same way years apart. Since both Kai Wong and Bryan Roscoe are magicians by trade I wonder if the legend of Leviathan the Alchemist is famous among magicians. Maybe all the people who died in the clock tower were magicians looking for the legacy of Leviathan who was originally a magician himself. Clearly the African folk song and the mass grave Avril and Kazuya found has something to do with the mystery. I wonder if the song a key to unlocking the mystery of the book. at the same time Victorique made an off-screen request of one of the men examining the clock tower so there must still be clues hidden within the structure of the tower itself. I stand by my theory that the pop up book is a coded message but now I assume by decoding the message you will find a way to unlock something hidden within the clock tower. While I have an idea of how most of the elements fit in I am curious how the mass grave fits into the puzzle as a whole.

Final Thoughts

This whole episode seems rather illuminating for Victorique but I feel we don’t get much to go on as far as the mystery is concerned. I think the big mystery was what Grevil was thinking when doing his hair! Last episode his beautiful locks were on display so I could barely take me eyes off him; this time I could barely look at him out of the corner of my eye!

As much as I talked about the mystery in the first half of this review the meat of this episode was the little war between Avril and Victorique. After Avril insults Victorique their little rivalry goes into overdrive and Kazuya sides with Avril not knowing how Victorique was slighted.  But in the end it is very clear that Kazuya and Victorique have a special bond despite their bickering. Although Kazuya and Avril working together leads them to construct a ridiculously amusing theory about ghosts and revenge which Victorique soundly debunks as supernatural claptrap. Speaking of comedy sadly for Narutaki not only was Grevil’s normal silly hair style back but now we was covered in icky bugs as well. In the end I am fairly certain that Bryan Roscoe is not the culprit so I am curious to see how this all plays out in the next and most probably final episode in the arc. We do know that we will see some bit of interaction between Bryan Roscoe and Victorique next episode so that is something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Gosick #014: Mystery Solvers Club

  1. hoshiko says:

    This episode certainly provided additionally clues to the mystery. Nevertheless, I don’t think it provided any substantial evidence to solve the crime just yet. I’m curious why Grevil warned Kujo and Victorique to stay out of this case? He’s always been seeking help from Victorique.

    I like the Victorique is always very rational when it comes to gathering information and developing her theories. She totally ignore the fact that everyone’s thinking this case has something to do with supernatural stuff.

    P.S Never would have guessed that is Cecile who grabbed Victorique’s arm.

    • reversethieves says:

      Let us put this in terms on police show cliches. Well normally Grevil goes to the chief and I assume he gets the, “Grevil the mayor is breathing down my neck to get this case solved. Figured out who killed this guy ASAP or we will both be looking for work.” But this time he got ye olde, “Forget about this case Grevil. I’m getting pressure from up high. Close this as unsolved as quickly as possible and move onto anything else.” So I think he is trying to protect his sister from whatever dark secret is involved in the case (or preventing himself from getting in trouble if you want to be cynical).

      The little battle of rationalism vs occultism is a underlying theme of the series I find interesting.

      Well Cecile is sort of superfluous so it is easy to forget her.

      – Hisui

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