Gosick #015: The Mysterious Hidden Rooms of Gold

When Kazuya confronts Bryan Roscoe about his connection to Victorique and the murders it quickly turns to into a fight were he cannot even lay a finger on his opponent. After a few ominous words the red-headed magician disappears in a puff of smoke leaving only the mystery in his absence. This leaves Victorique to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and uncover Leviathan’s identity, the reasons for string of deaths in the clock tower, and the terrible secret of Sauville. But is Victorique actually more involved in this case then she first realizes?

The Case

And so all the pieces of the puzzle come into place. Predictably Victorique was having the engineer look for a hidden room in the alchemy lab. Inside that room is the final resting place of many of the pieces of this tragedy surrounding Leviathan. All the little pieces fit together well but I was a bit saddened that my idea about song being a way to decode the pop up book as was all just in my head. I am a bit miffed as I feel there had to be more to the explanation that they just cut for the anime. There had to be more to how that song played into opening the secret room but they never went into any detail in the regard. It is another time I wish I could read the original novel to see if I was missing anything. The method in which everyone was being poisoned turned out to be the result of a rather mundane booby trap but I can’t still remember if that was also the reason people died in that other story I can’t remember. I am still a little shaking on why Ian was killed other than Leviathan’s rage about his plans crumbling down around him. The mystery itself was decent although I wish a little more explanation could have been given for certain events and how and why they took place. Most importantly there was nothing supernatural going on but it does seem that someone with an interest in the supernatural is playing a big part behind the scenes.

Final Thoughts

As much as they are trying to imply Bryan Roscoe is a bad dude I think it is clear that he is just trying to protect Victorique and Cordelia. The only question is does he distrust Kazuya because the does not come from the Village of the Gray Wolves or is Bryan just testing the boy. The biggest reveal was that while he was not directly involved Albert de Blois was connected to the story and seemed to be trying to get Leviathan to use his supposed supernatural powers to advance his little supernaturally obsessed cabal. They seem to be trying to gather all the weapons they can in preparation for a great storm that is clearly going to be World War II. It is also been foreshadowed that this storm is what  shall separate Kazuya and Victorique. If  this is the case then this could get very grim very quickly. I do wonder if they will ever touch upon the tricky subject that Kazuya comes from a country that will eventually be part of the Axis powers. I think at the end everything will come together on a positive note but our protagonists might really have to work for their happy ending. Well we shall find out soon enough as there are only two major books and one side story book left in the series.


3 thoughts on “Gosick #015: The Mysterious Hidden Rooms of Gold

  1. hoshiko says:

    I like this case. By far, the most interesting one. It’s unpredictable, which is how it’s suppose to be done. This case also leaves us a lot to imagine about. What will happen to Victorique? And then there’s Cordelia. Is she really alive and will she bring Victorique with her if they meet? How evil is Albert de Blois and how does he intend to use Victorique? I hope these questions of mine will be answered by the end of the series.

    • reversethieves says:

      Well there are actually two remaining main arcs. There is Beelzebub’s Skull and Night of the Masquerade. They have also to adapt anything from Memories of an Autumn Flower which is the 3rd GosickS book but all the GosickS books are of side stories.

      – Hisui

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